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WTC2 Flashes

Original source: 9/11 Explosive Reality

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I still

can't get over the fact that on WTC south tower the floors above the impact did'nt sluf off from the resistance of the floors below.................It just turned to dust.

Sometime last year someone

Sometime last year someone brought up a point via an interview of someone that worked either at GZ or somewhere that handled (temporarily) the debris from the towers. The point was the absence of the corrugated steel deck that was used to pour the concrete flooring. Every floor had them - and lots of them. They should have been littering the GZ debris pile, but now that I think about it I don't remember seeing anything that resembled a remotely intact concrete deck plate (or what ever they are called).

This along with the pulverization of concrete leads me to believe much of the explosives that were detonated during the demolition were placed under these floor decks. Attacking the trusses and severing them from the core columns.

There were no slabs of concrete left in the debris, and along with that the floor decks.