The One Dollar dvd Project

(via The Rumor Mill News Reading Room)
From one source: Videos and audio media from The One Dollar Project.
Documentaries for your own library, and to distribute to others:

Terror Storm
Election/Vote Fraud
The Power of Nightmares
Iraq War: Six Documentaries
911 Mysteries + Terror Storm
Ground Zero: Dust and Deceit
*Ron Paul: “Hope For America”*
Pretext for the North American Union
Freedom To Fascism + Money as Debt
Depleted Uranium + America’s Dirty Bomb
David Ray Griffin: 911 and the American Empire
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man + Foreign Policy
Loose Change, Terror Storm, Eyewitness, Road to Tyranny
Keep and Bear Arms + Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Audio CDs:
Controlled Media: Michael Wolsey
Illegal Immigration: Alex Jones, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul
David Ray Griffin: 911, American Empire and Christian Faith

DVD's & the Power of the TV.

I'm telling you.. getting these documentaries off of the computer screen and onto the television screen is a big boon to the 9/11 Truth movement. People are much more receptive to what comes out of their tv compared to what comes off of their computer. Get the disks. Peace.

I agree.....

plus alot of the older generation are still not comfortable with a computer. Telling them to google 9/11 mysteries does'nt work as well as ...........Here slap this in your dvd player and check it out.