U.S. military plans for combating U.S. civil insurrections

A leaked document dated 1 june 2007 from the Baghdad green zone states that the U. S. military has drawn up plans to redirect some troops stationed abroad for placement in the U.S.allegedly to combat domestic insurrections. Reported by TBR News July 16, 2007 and the Rumor Mill and a host of other sites. These FEMA prisons must filled somehow (see video).

According to the leaked report, the Pentagon command believes that such civil insurrections are not only a possibility but a very real probability in the event that the President and his advisors maintain their present course vis a vis the Iraqi war.

Is this credible? Yes, I think it is it is credible, but the document itself could be a forgery.

I contacted TBRNews and got a strange response...

I saw that incredible piece on the Pentagon's plans to crush dissent, and having never gotten any feedback, pro or con, about Conspiracyplanet.com, I thought I should go to the source and ask for some substantiation of the article.

The gist of the exchange follows:

Hey...I am a member of a local 911 Truth group, and I need some add'l documentation...before I pass around the information that TBRNews is posting on ConspiracyPlanet. That site should change its name, first off, because it limits credibility of the stories it carries to those segments of the population who recognize the difference between a "conspiracy theory" and an "analysis of a conspiracy".

As we do not believe the mass of legends surrounding the (/11 terrorist attacks and have been questioning them very seriously for many years, I would doubt if your organization would find anything we publish on the subject to be of interest. We have also had negative things to say about Weather Control, HAARP, Remote Viewing, Chem-Trails, Black Helicopters, the Bilderburgrs, the CFR, Mossad attacks on Chris Bolleyn and the Illuminati.

I don't think so

If I thought that had any possibility of being real, I would take the time to track it back to the idiot who started the fake rumor.

This smells equally as stupid as that whole 'Bush said, "the U.S. Constitution is just a god-damned piece of paper" crap' started by that idiot blue sky guy, or whatever his name was, that went around the Internet like wildfire and still rears it's ugly head now and then. (probably mostly because Aaron Russo unfortunately put the quote in his "America: Freedom to Fascism" film)

And it doesn't help posting stuff like that here, either.

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