White Smoke Emerging From WTC 2 Seconds Before Collapse Thermite Related Aluminum Oxide?

Aidan Monaghan

"Grayish white aluminum oxide ... streaming away from the reaction sites ... consistent with the use of thermite."

-Professor Steven E. Jones - Physicist

1 minute and 20 seconds before the collapse of WTC 2, white smoke (that contrasts sharply with the fire related black smoke observed within the higher fire regions of the building.) begins to emerge from the base of the building simultaneous to molten metal emerging from the upper northeast region of the building:


Molten metal emerging from the upper northeast corner of WTC 2 simultaneous to the appearance of white smoke emanating from the base of the building:


This seems to suggest that possibly multiple thermite utilizing devices located at the base and throughout upper floors of the building may have been activated simultaneously, to disable core columns throughout the towers and allowing for unresisted collapse at freefall speeds.

The molten metal seen emerging from the upper northeast corner of WTC 2 may have been attributable to a durable thermite utilizing device that was dislodged from the core by the impact of UA 175, which settled among the accumulated aircraft and building debris seen here within the buildings window openings:



Additional images of large amounts of possibly white aluminum oxide smoke emerging from the base of WTC 2 within moments of and during its collapse, suggesting possible thermite use in the sub-levels of WTC 2, utilized to disable the core structure at its base:





An image of white smoke emerging from an opening in the north face of WTC 2 during its collapse as a likely result of collapse related air pressure changes, possibly indicating an accumulation of white aluminum oxide smoke resulting from a thermite reaction at this location being forced through this opening: