9/11 Truth is Truth 101 (An Apple is an Apple)

9/11 Truth is Truth 101 (An Apple is an Apple)

by Matt Kjeldsen
July 22, 2007

It is hard to believe, as we watch the actions of the criminals in the government day after ominous day, there are still those who haven’t wrapped their minds around the lie of 9/11. We are watching the end of liberty and the destruction of everything that we have built and believed in and hoped to leave behind for our children and grandchildren. We are watching as the GOP acts and even accelerates their actions, in spite of the will of the people and the very real threat (even with the rigged electronic voting machines) of being, not only driven from power, but being destroyed as a party.

And yet, as if immune from the laws, immune from the will of the people, immune from the Congress, immune from world opinion and immune from journalistic oversight; the Cheney/Bush regime expands the disaster in Iraq and is planning to attack Iran. We have seen Gingrich, Santorum, Chertoff and many others in the GOP threaten us with impending terror and actually suggest that America has grown weak. However, they add, when the next attack happens, we will all fall in line behind the GOP leadership again. The Military Commissions Act, the Warner Defense Bill, Presidential Directive 51 (a Presidential order that makes Bush dictator in the event of an ‘emergency’) [1] and the treasonous Patriot Act are all pretexts for martial law and complete suspension of our system of government, rules of law, courts, National Guards, police and protections of liberties (including freedom of speech, gun ownership, right of privacy, property rights, right of assembly and so on). The administration and the GOP cannot say ‘9/11’ and ‘war on terror’ and ‘terrorism’ enough.

The administration is obviously criminal and yet they are fearless. They continue to say that an apple is an orange and polls suggest that an overwhelming majority of Americans and an even greater number of citizens of the world do not believe their words at all. Iraq is an apple, not an orange. 9/11 is an apple, not an orange. The war of terror is an apple, not an orange. The criminals running our government are an apple, not an orange. The truth is the truth, no matter how many times the liars in the administration and their paid whores in the corporate media repeat orange, orange, orange; the truth is, an apple.

Understanding that your government is systematically destroying the Constitution, bankrupting the country and continuing to use even old lies to justify their actions is not enough anymore. We are at a crisis stage now. The father of Reaganomics and former Wall Street Journal editor Dr Paul Craig Roberts fears that the administration’s ace in the hole is the next 9/11.[2] This is a dire warning. He’s not a ‘lefty’ or a ‘kook’. He’s a conservative economist who knows our government inside and out. Even the informationally challenged out there in TV land USA know that things are very bad, most just don’t have a clue as to how bad. We are not talking about the ‘end of days’ my fundamentalist friends, we are talking about the end of the Constitutional Republic of the United States and the beginning of totalitarian rule, endless wars and the outright servitude of the masses. But, how did we get here in six years? ...



well said.although i would say it was more like 93 thousand tons of concrete in each tower, not pounds.
(Not sure of the figure but had to be more than 93 thousand pounds.Anyway it was a very good read.

Very crisp analysis of the current debacle!!

Can you have the remainder of the posting available on 911Blogger, rather than asking people to go over to OpEdNews? I have nothing against Kall's site, but most posts here that need more room, do not require that you visit another site.

I loved what I was reading, but I think OpEdNews is somewhat of a waste of time when talking 911 Truth matters.

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest." - Benjamin Franklin

That is one excellent

That is one excellent article. I love the author's anger and it's amazing how he respectfully goes after those who still haven't figured out 9/11. Really, really good. It got me riled up reading it, and that doesn't happen often now.

I'm sensing that articles like this are becoming more and more prevalent just during the last month or two. I haven't done a scientific analysis, it's just my gut feeling (oooh, sorry, that term will never mean the same thing again) that more articles are being written, of an urgent nature too, as if there really is imminent danger (new 9/11). So, I'm glad to see the articles, but not for this reason. Worrisome.