Castro suggests Washington fails to stop attacks on US soil to justify war on terror

Castro suggests Washington fails to stop attacks on US soil to justify war on terror

HAVANA: Fidel Castro suggested that Washington has deliberately failed to stop terrorist attacks against Americans because it needed to "deliver a bang" that would justify its war on terror.

In the latest in a series of essays that Cuba's 80-year-old Maximum leader has begun writing every few days, Castro on Sunday seized on U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's comments this past week expressing a "gut feeling" that the United States faces an increased risk of attack this summer.

"The government of the United States sees and hears all, with or without legal authority," Castro wrote. "They can prevent any attack on their people, unless there is some imperial need to deliver a bang so that they can carry on with and justify the brutal war which has been declared against the culture, religion, economy and independence of other peoples."

The accusation came at the end of an essay titled "Bush, Health and Education," in which Castro claimed Cubans are better cared for than Americans, and that his poor island nation and its legions of doctors working around Latin America have done more for the region than the U.S. ever will.

Published in the Communist Party youth newspaper Juventud Rebelde, the essay criticized U.S. President George W. Bush for suggesting that recent U.S. initiatives have provided quality medical care to Latin Americans.


"Bush knows that he is lying and that his tall tales are hard to swallow, but he doesn't care," Castro wrote. "He is confident that if he repeats it a thousand times, many will finally believe him."

Mild Attack

If he wanted to he could have blamed Bush for 9/11 while he was at it, but that wouldn't be proper for the CIA operative that he is.

No, it's probably better to broach into some LIHOP, to prepare

the masses for the even more astounding MIHOP, which most people will come to gradually on their own afterwards.


The implications are clear enough for anyone to understand, and anyway I doubt that Bush himself had much to do do with 911.

Bush is qouting Bin Laden

Bush is qouting Bin Laden again. he just said that "al qaeda" is the same as "al qaeda in Iraq", because it was founded by the 3 times killed Zarqawi who pledged allegiance to Bin LAden(im pretty sure he did that while he and Bin Laden were both dead,depending on who you believe). the crowd claps like zombies. somebody shoot me........(CNN just reported that he said the word "al qaeda" 93 times in 6 minutes.)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Fidel is probably right !

He has the experiance dealing with the CIA interference in Cuba since the 1950's. It sounds like he is more mentally fit than either of the Bushes.
Naming CIA headquarters the George Bush Intelligence Center is an oximoron.