Missing Steel

This is a simple, single-issue, undebunkable flyer i've been working on for a while now.

The WTC7 structural steel from FEMA 403, Appendix C hasn't been seen since 2002.
and this is AFTER the 'swiss cheese' appearance of it led the NY Times reporters to
call it "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation".

So i made a 'MISSING' flyer, similar to a missing person flyer but all about the steel.

I've contacted WPI, NIST, ARA, the NY Times, etc. and none of them seem to care.

I've contacted most of the Truthers whom i respect and none of THEM seem to care either.
(w/ the rare and gratifying exception of Richard Gage @ ae911truth.org)

I even contacted 911blogger.com, and got the same response that i got from NIST and
the Times. that is to say, none.

So after years on the sidelines i've gotten a 911blogger account to see if i can put it up myself.

Missing Steel

Thee steel is in Pittsburgh PA.

I seen a documentary on a storage in Pittsburgh PA that contains metal and other debris from the WTC. Look into it I am not sure of its name only that it remains open to public knowledge but secretive of its elements within.

is it?

see that's the thing.. after the analysis @ WPI, the professors were interviewed by Transformations, the WPI alumni newsletter.


in that article they say that their research and examination of the steel was going to continue,
and that a graduate student was going to be analyzing it as part of her studies.
AND that they were going to be seeking funding (and more samples) from NIST.

but prof. barnett wouldn't answer me when i asked him if he still had possession of that steel.
would've been easy enough for him to have said 'it's been shipped to Pittsburgh', if it had been..

I think it a clever idea whether or not the steel is missing...

People notice "missing" posters and would probably read the whole thing to figure out what's going on. It's informative with regard to the sulfur that most likely caused the corrosion and might get people thinking... Stephen Jones work should be well mentioned as a source of what the sulfur and corrosion means. There are a lot of novices out there and this seems a non-threatening way to get people to think beyond their fear.

I wasn,t aware that the

I wasn,t aware that the steel had gone missing.I am aware of FEMA,s analasis of the steel which revealed that a Eutectic reaction did occur causing intergranular melting.Eutectic reaction is two solid phases followed by a liquid stage so there is your molten metal.Many theories have been put forward for the sulfidation of that steel from sea salt to Plasterboard{i,m English so you probably call it something else} but nobody has come close to explaining it properly,it has never happened in a building fire before.This is where i think "hold on that doesn,t seem right".If the sulphur came from plasterboard then every high rise building should be stripped of all plasterboard.Has this happened?NO.It is imperative to study why this happened for future building safety but this has not been done.The answer seems obvious to me,the experts already know why it occurred just like they already knew how all three buildings collapsed..This was high tensile steel,all the sulphur is removed in the processing so where did the sulpher come from.What causes steel to melt at 500 degrees c lower than usual.Sea salt,Plasterboard or Thermite.What do you reckon?.Eutectic reaction can occur naturally but the steel was nowhere near hot enough.
I like the poster as it has a big impact and you are right to make sure this story doesn,t get swept under the carpet,like the Anthrax story.I think the reason people are not interested is because not many people understand the significance of it.It is yet another anomoly that only happened on that particular day.