"But WTC 7 had structural damage, that is why it collapsed!"

Is anybody else getting sick of the, "WTC 7 had structural damage" argument. Look at these two pictures. One is of the Federal building in OKC, it is almost half-way gone and yet it did not collapse. The Damage to WTC 7 does not even come close, yet it fell onto itself in 6.5 seconds. So how did WTC 7 fall? Structural damage...? I don't think so.


Absolutely demolished, yet still standing


Not even a significant percentage of the building is demolished, and as anyone with a 5th grade education knows if this building collasped due to this structural damage than it should have fallen towards the wound, not straight down in 6.5 seconds.

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The image used in the NIST

The image used in the NIST report comes from the NYPD's helicopter - someone in the chain doctored the photo...

Proof of a coverup...

Where do you see evidence

Where do you see evidence that some of these photographs were doctored? I am not disagreeing with you, I am simply attempting to see what you are seeing.

The NIST photo's show

The NIST photo's show massive damage to floors 18-down - but this damage does not exist in the images on the left - one of these I recognize as being taken from across the river after the towers fell and before WTC7 fell.

So one set is doctored.

In the top most image the damage to the floors twists the floors upward. This does not look like damage from "falling" debris, but from manipulation of the image by pushing the doctored/edited image inwards via a photoshop tool such as liqufy (found in Photoshop CS2) or some simliar tool that superimposes a mesh/grid over the image, and then allows you to manipulate the mesh, after the mesh has been moved to your liking the texture (the image) is then remapped to the mesh.

same corner from across the

same corner from across the river -

Where did the top/left image

Where did the top/left image come from - it is not from the NIST report - the lower right is -----


I just recently started to study 9/11 and the conspiracy theory and to go this long without knowledge of everything urks me so much. I don't get how everyone is not going balistic about whats been going on for so long, or atleast what may be going on. Its hard to know what the truth is. It's so sad. Its like a bad case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, unstoppable and painful to watch. Im only 18, I wish there were more ways to gain control and re-do all the wrongs but I know theres not much. I just wonder how life for my kids is going to be, better yet life of my grandchildren. Honestly everytime I read something new I want to cry, like my brother said, we are all sheep. We're good for producing money, but in the end we're as useless as carcasses to some elite ones...Maybe Im talking out of my ass, I could only wish.