The upcoming anniversary of 9/11 is going to be an important one, for many reasons.

We Are Change.org is attempting to make this the biggest event yet for 9/11 Truth.
There will be featured guest speakers like Alex Jones, John Feal, Aaron Russo, and Dylan Avery.
There will be a TruthConcert featuring Remo Conscious, Dave Cahill, Roy Shivers and (hopefully) Immortal Technique.

...And the premier of Loose Change Final Cut, for the world to see.

Visit the new website for all the details.


Please take this as constructive input...

but white boys can't rap (save Eminem, who is not slated);
and all those speakers suck, humongously (save Alex Jones, who's a given)...

Seems pretty low-content so far. What about heavy hitters like William Rodriguez, Webster Tarpley, and this new Richard Gage guy?
...I guess I should be thankful that Ralph Schoenman and Barbara Honegger are left out, but still...

well i guess its good that

well i guess its good that Immortal Technique isnt white then. ?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Does anyone know the full

Does anyone know the full details regarding the Loose Change cinema release? is it an international release? are they planning on taking it to film festivals ect? everything seems to have gone quiet....



Id say theyre being quiet for a reason, which is fine with me.
In the states, it was rumored that Mark Cubans various companies would be distributing/showing LCFC. Then it was rumored otherwise, so we really just dont know.
However, across the pond distribution company Revolver will be showing Final Cut in British theaters.
I also heard they LTW Canne't, but that they will be trying to make it to the Toronto Film Festival.

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