Czech It Out! "Apocalypse of Coercion" Is Getting Around

Originally published in Global Outlook magazine and reprinted in Truth Jihad
my essay "Apocalypse of Coercion"
is getting a reputation as THE major statement on 9/11 as psy-op. It has even been made into a major motion picture--well, sort of:

Now it's making the rounds in Czechoslovakia:

Hi Kevin,

Greets from Venice, Italy. Good news: your article was published in the major Czech internet journal Zvedavec:
The audience is well above average and the rating is excellent 1.4 on a 5 grade scale.

Almost immediately it was adopted by the Czech movement "NO-TO-BASES", which is fighting against the building of the US army bases on the Czech soil:
The article was also adopted with several other journals and bloggers.
For example:

So even now is the summer, it can be conservatively estimated that it was read by thousands of people in just couple of days - which is for the Czech Republic with its 10mil inhabitants a great success.

Have a nice time