Guns and Butter - interview with Rowland Morgan - 1pm Pacific Time

Guns & Butter
Wednesday, July 25, 2007, 1:00pm PST
KPFA Radio, 94.1FM, (streaming links at site)
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"Flight 93 Revealed"
Interview with journalist and author, Rowland Morgan, on his latest book, Flight 93 Revealed: What Really Happened on the 9/11 "Let's Roll" Flight? Detailed analysis of the passenger cell phone calls and an examination of the passenger revolt legend that powered America's war effort.

Thom Hartmann 7-24-7 radio program

Thom Hartmann played the audio of Gonzo's Senate hearing yesterday and pointed out that the program that they tried to get Ascroft to sign off on was NOT the domestic spying that we all believed it to be. Commie (sp), the acting AG while Ascroft was ill, mentioned that this 'program' had to be renewed EVERY 6 MONTHS and it was due MARCH 1, 2004 A caller (listen at around 50:00) pointed out that this anniversary was originated either on or some anniversary of 9-11. VERY INTERESTING. Listen to entire show if possible.

Good Show

Check it out. The show was very good. Yet in another of the long list of disturbing accounts of 9/11

you'd think that all together the damn scale would have been tipped over by now....


Thanks for posting this, Reprehensor!