Our troops need a mandatory truth 9/11 education!

The veterans returning home (or getting leave ) need to be taught the true reasons for this travesty in Iraq. I'm convinced that more and more of these kids are wising up to the fact that the reasons they are in Iraq are based on a HUGE lie. They can see building 7 and the controlled demolition. Make it a priority to educate these soldiers. They aren't fodder for this human gristmill.
They owe a duty to this country, as do we all, but they own no duty whatsoever to an administration that would see them ground up for their personal enrichment. They owe no duty whatsoever to a lying, election stealing faux commander in chief that can't find the time to pay his respect at one funeral. A faux commander in chief that dodged duty in Vietnam. A vice president that had better things to do than serve his country in Vietnam. The same for Rumsfeld, Ashcroft..et..al. For someone who died for what he/she believes is what is best for this country. How can this president say that he wants to create a democracy in Iraq and at the same time threaten martial law and a dictatorship in his own backyard. I'm thinking these soldiers know whats up. I also believe that if and when Bush declares martial law there will be lots of soldiers that drop their weapons and just go home. They have bright futures and they ARE NOT going to kill their own people. As this travesty drags on it's becoming more and more apparent this administration is becoming desperate. I wouldn't be surprised if Al-Quaida strikes again. If that happens there better be millions of people beating down the front door of the white house to get some answers!

WTC 7 and our troops

I understand the questionable occurances of 9/11 and your compassion towards the US troops. Yet I am very confused about your WTC 7 comment. You said that it collapsed by demolition. Which means that the Government personally attacked and executed US citizens in WTC 7 with explosives for reason to go to war in Iraq. Yet, later you say “As this travesty drags on it's becoming more and more apparent this administration is becoming desperate. I wouldn't be surprised if Al-Quaida strikes again.” So did the government collapse the towers by explosives for reason for the Iraq war or did AL-quaida do it? The government provided a 9/11 commission report, Pentagon Building Report, public photographs and video of Al Qaida members confessing to have planned and carried out the attacks of September 11. The government provided public evidence during the trial of United States vs. Zacarias Moussaoui that would contradict government involvement. I am sure our US government has more information about September 11th then they our sharing with an average person. I think that our Armed Forces DO know more then we do? If some US workers such as FBI, NYC/Washington police and fire department, and our Armed Forces know more information then the public they are not going to tell us. If they did they would be “educating us”.

maybe we can send messages

maybe we can send messages up with balloons.. if only we could weigh them down enough.

Here's an example:



DIGG IT!! This is big news!


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