General Strike 9/11/07

[GW's comment: Do you think this is a good or bad idea?]

A moderator at Truth Move suggests a strike on 9/11:

"Endless War.
Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis.
Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone.
Executive Privilege: No Accountability.

9/11 Questions?

Corporate Media.
Corporate Government.

Tyranny. Fascism. Lies.

The Time Has Come.
To Say NO.
While We Still Have a Chance.

Tuesday 9/11/07
No Work. No School.
Hit the Streets."

This is the kind of action we need.

The only way to make our government respond is to hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.
A general strike will let them know we the people know what is going on and want it to end now.

You have my full support GW!

Taking the truth about 911 to the streets.

do it for the whole world!

America! u hold the future of the entire world in your hands!
if u don't stop the terrorists there (neocons) then we wont have to fight them here!
the world is watching u! (unless there watching fox!)
u stop Hitler in his track's now its time to take out his bankers!

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

-John F. Kennedy

my children are not cannon fodder for the n.w.o. and neither are yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Idea - And stop buying

Good Idea -
And stop buying stuff from your corporate masters if at all possible - buy used cars from individuals - buy used CD from local music stores, don't participate in that "Christmas Buying Season" fiasco -

I know where I'll be on 9/11 - NEW YORK!

I will gladly take the time to be in NYC on 9/11 this year.

A general strike would be great - if only it were sustainable!

It is time to show the crooks in Washington that WE KNOW. They need to fear us -not the other way around. There is literally nothing to be afraid of - they can't kill us all (right?!!!)

Seriously - if you can't be in NYC on 9/11, and many of us cannot, the least any of us can do is hit the streets of where we live and serve the public!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/91

It would not be flop, even with limited response

Even if only a small fraction of the population participated, it would still send a powerful message. The absenteeism and decreased economic activity would show up on the radar of the Powers That Be. I'm on it like a fly on ....

I planned to take the day off, anyway.

I'm already on it!

Let's repost this around the web! We can make it happen! No shopping is important, too.

And above all...

A general strike can not go unnoticed: media wouldn't have the choice to talk about it. A good underground preparation will be necessairy so as much people that's possible know what's the reason of the movement.

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

A Very Loud Message

That'll send a REAL Message instead of those stupid petitions and idiotic, useless meetings with criminals in congress.

Spread the word, get unions on board

I've posted this idea months back, spreading it in blogs.

Here's a site, mostly scavenging for content, but with a simple little video that someone else saw and prompted them to post one in response. Word of mouth, to site to site, to street to street, to city to city.

If not now, later. It's our last stand--when everyone gets the picture and we realize WE HAVE THE POWER, not the media moguls and self-appointed dictators of capital.

Birth of Our Power by Victor Serge talks about the FEELING--get it, pass it on, remember it, teach it.

GENERAL STRIKE: We have the power to end the war, end the tyranny and stop the gangsters who have stolen our country.

Totally agreed...

Now I see some American backbone! Don't waste your time writing letters to Bush or calling your congressman! They KNOW what happened on 911. Trying to get a word to a congressman is as pathetic as medieval serfs trying to reach out to the king, thinking that he doesn't know their plight. They all know, and I am sure, it is very amusing to them to see the truthers out there, in safe distance, behind the fence, in their orderly columns with banners, demanding a new 911 investigation. I am sure, they have had a few good laughs. It is finally time to take some meaningful action!

I think it's a good idea.

I think it's a good idea. All 9/11 sites should promote this message. Take the day off and protest.

Thanks GW

I appreciate the repost. It seems like an idea that could capture the popular imagination if the right people get behind it. More citizens than we know are simply fed up with the obvious fascistic direction of our country over the last 6 years. 9/11/07 could be a great symbolic day to protest. It should be a day of national mourning and reflection, and at the same time a day of patriotic dissent and questioning.

I was thinking maybe groups like World Can't Wait or UFPJ might get on board with something like long as it's clearly about the overall tyranny and lies of this government, not just 9/11 truth.

International Truth Movement

It's a wonderful idea!

A strong, united, visible, noticeable, constructive and peaceful act.

For those who, depending on their job situation, find it difficult to strike, taking a day of (paid or unpaid) vacation or simply calling in sick, will do the trick as well.

The important thing is to show that many people are willing to act. All political leaders pay attention when the masses demonstrate a willingness to act.


What a fantastic idea!! I was thinking also, everyone NOT buy ANY gas the day before, during & the day after 9/11/07. Get our gas on the 9th or the 13th. Do y'all think that would make a statement? This is just what we need, something like a good old fashioned Boston Tea Party!! Count me in!

A simple strike recommendation

I have put alot of thought into this for some time now and I think some version of the following would be the most effective:

1. Tie the strike to impeachment. (The last reliable polls show that 54% of Americans want Cheney impeached now and 45% want Bush impeached now)

2. Get all the impeachment, peace, anti-war, clean election groups (etc.) onboard ASAP. This will increase the leverage of the strike enormously and begin to forge a serious alliance with the other groups.

3. Promote the strike online and in the public domain (i.e. signs everywhere) as much as possible.

4. Use the August 11th visibility action to kick off the public campaign by creating and distributing simple postcards to be sent to local Congresspersons and Speaker Pelosi's office informing them that if they do not begin impeachment proceedings against Cheney by September 10, 2007 that the American people will take matters into their own hands and begin a general strike.

5. Continue distributing the postcards to as many people as possible and have everyone call their local Congressperson and Speaker Pelosi's office on a daily basis to inform them of the deadline and consequences of their inaction to the constitutional crisis we are now in. Stress to everyone the need for being polite and insistent when making calls.

6. Those of us in the truth movement can add a call for new investigations into 9/11 onto our postcards and into our phone calls.

7. Write letters to the editor of every paper, large and small, to inform the msm and general public of what is going on and why.

It is worthwhile to note that the April corporate boycott had an impact that was noticed and felt and that economists were unable to explain credibly (they did not mention the boycott as a contributing factor, of course).

The month long build-up has the potential to put intense pressure on Speaker Pelosi and the Congress to do their constitutional duty and can demonstrate to the American people that they still do have real power.

(please note that this is my first post since the "new and improved 911Blogger" came into being)

I hope that you are all well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Wonderful suggestions LeftWright

It should definitely be tied to impeachment and this is a great course of action you outline.

I'll try to go to a World Can't Wait meeting ASAP and see if they're amenable to the idea. It seems like something Cindy Sheehan would be eager to endorse and participate in...

Who else is ready to start getting in gear to make this thing happen?

I also second the "buy nothing" concept--this would be a total display of our power as the workforce and as consumers. The power really is in our hands, we just need to organize and wield it.

International Truth Movement

I'm ready

Let's do it.

EXCELLENT IDEA for a general

EXCELLENT IDEA for a general strike, HOWEVER, in order for it to even remotely succeed, there are a few things we must do:

Get everyone on board! Not just 9/11 Truthers, but Peace activists, anti-war groups, environmental groups, EVERYONE who cares about their life now, and their children and grandchildren's lives of the future!

WE MUST LITERALLY STOP TRAFFIC! This can't be just another "peaceful protest" where we chant slogans and hand out flyers - we have to be downright MILITANT without breaking any laws!However this has to be on the scale of the Seattle WTO protests!

THE GLOVES ARE COMING OFF! We will use bullhorns, signs, joining hands, stopping all activities as we enjoy them right now!

Hopefully, we can do this on September 11, 2007 and I pray we will have the chance!

The most tragic thing is Bush,the neocons, and the mass murderers behind 9/11 are onto our Movement as well, and they are starting to be afraid...what better way to destroy us is by pulling off another 9/11 type event, and of course putting the finger on "Iranian terrorists". REMEMBER, that if Bush isn't stopped SOON, then his diabolical plot to enforce martial law and a police state will crush any further protests, gatherings etc.