Republican presidential candidates debate in Iowa on August 5th


Campaign 2008

Welcome to ABC's Campaign Headquarters. Coming up-- the Republican presidential candidates debate in Iowa on August 5th. You can watch it live on a special edition of This Week with George Stephanopoulos on your local ABC News station.

Here's your chance to talk back on the major campaign issues that are important to you-- from Iraq to healthcare-- immigration to education. The candidates or their campaign surrogates may answer your question!

Get your video questions in early-- we will be posting debate questions on and people will be able to vote for the questions they like best. George will put some of the questions to the candidates!

All questions should be in by Thursday August 2nd at midnight.

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I don't have a webcam..........

Someone please ask why the IRS refuses to show the specific law on people paying taxes on their income? And please don't insult us by saying it's the 16th amendment.

Also .........

why does the federal goverment borrow money from the federal reserve( Which is not a part of the federal goverment, and has no reserves) and have us taxpayers pay intrest on it, when it can print it's own money intrest free.

Let's .........

flood'em with real HARDBALL questions!! And at the end of all questions be sure to say. Please answer the question in a direct answer. Americans have had enough of politicians changing the subject, story telling,vearing away from answering it point blank direct, and honestly.