Rowe Arrested Despite Honorable Discharge Papers

Prison Planet has a new article based on a conversation with Korey Rowe stating:

"According to Rowe, Army officials at Fort Drum, where Rowe was held for a day and a half, seemed uninterested in the case until their phone lines were incinerated by a barrage of calls from listeners who responded to our call to action yesterday morning.

It was at that point that officials checked into Rowe's record and immediately confirmed that he had received an honorable discharge and told Rowe he was free to leave, and even offered to pay his way to get back to New York. They were baffled as to why a warrant would be out for his arrest when he had clearly been given permission to leave the Army in 2005."

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Administrative Error?

Although it's not as exciting as a government conspiracy to discredit a prominent truther, the reality is that this was probably just a mistake.
Does the Army make mistakes? Of course. It happens all the time.

A few years ago a good friend of mine, a 60-year old decorated veteran of Vietnam living in TX, was pulled over for a traffic violation while visiting his mom in PA. The cops ran his name through the system and found a warrant from the Army that said he had been AWOL for decades. Imagine his surprise! He had to go to the base and wait almost a week while they cleared it up. Fortunately for him, he rather enjoyed the experience, hanging out with the young guys and telling stories of the old days in Nam. His theory was that the Army had marked many files as AWOL despite there being discharge records; perhaps because they are stretched thin and are hoping to find men to drag back into service.

Anyway, Korey is not the first person to have this happen. It probably happens all the time, but it never makes the news. Korey is fortunate to have so many friends to call in and demand action. Otherwise he's have had to wait a week or more, instead of a couple of days.

At least the whole event got some publicity for LC and the truth movement.



Could he bring suit for false arrest? If nothing else, it could be good publicity, for 9/11 Truth and for further exposing the government's resort to authoritarian police-state measures against political dissent.


Why the hell did I vote for The Decider in 2000? I'm in therapy for that decision..........
Sue the shit out of them for illegal imprisonment


....pure and simple. If you believe it was a clerical error then you probably believe Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire. The Bush/Cheney regime uses lies and intimidation as SOP and will not stop until the breathe their last breath. The time is now to hit the streets!