Shadowplay: Rough Copy

Having moved to Australia this year, I worried that I would have become out of touch with the Truth movement. I had the good fortune, however, to move close to Gillian Norman, the director of the soon-to-be-released Shadowplay. Gillian was kind enough to let me screen a rough cut to offer any insight. I thought I'd share with everyone my excitement for this movie and also ask for everyone to support Gillian in releasing this film.

This thorough overview of the events and consequences of 9-11 is extremely well-timed, because its focus is moving the conversation past "How did it happen?" and into "Why did it happen?" What you get from watching this movie is a clear, single source that brings up the level of our international conversation. I think we owe a great debt to documentaries that have come before, movies that explain how we know that the official story is a hoax. While Shadowplay does begin with this information, the answers to "why was it done" play a much bigger role. Shadowplay has a broad scope, recognizing that there is no single answer to that question. In fact, the answers are multi-fold, and they all get time in this movie. The film addresses wars for oil and military profit, American dollar instability, and domestic control of western populations.

The film brings together a large, international cast of people in Truth movement. People like Webster Tarpley and Connie Fogal are joined by Andreas Von Buelow (former Secretary of Defense from Germany), General Leonid Ivashov (former Joint Chiefs of Staff from Russia), and Annie Machon (formerly an MI-5 agent). By bringing this large cast together, the film leaves you with the understanding that the world is aware. More important, you are rewarded to know that the world is reacting.

Please spread the word about this important film. Visit, and support this film any way you can.

Mate, where can we blimmin

Mate, where can we blimmin download it?

I know you have to make a crust ...I make a little paypal donation... so where is it?

leaves you with the understanding that the world is aware.

I hope there is a bit of radical insight and enticement for action, too.

Oh, and I wonder if they say "planes that hit the buildings" ...

Will they go back to the 1930s and remind us of the FASCIST COUP in the USA?
The story and a lovely MP3 to download is here: