ALERT: Please Answer Hit Piece in Seattle Times

[Yesterday I received this alert from Kris Konrad:]

....Please click the below link and read the article. The author's email is at the bottom. Please email him and give him a mouthful. Let him know that his parroting of the official story will not do, and go into the unaswered questions that can not be debunked.

Notice how he brings up the Jews thing. Using the old tricks...

Let's not let him get away with this!

Kris Konrad


[I emailed this letter below to the editor to the Seattle Times. I also sent it to the Times employees whose email addresses appear below (editors, executives, mostly reporters and columnists) I hope others will do similarly, and will save the addresses for future communications with the Seattle Times.]

The guest column in your July 25, 2007 issue by Alex
Alben "Debunking flights of fancy that hover over
9/11" is an insult to the millions of people who have
grave doubts and terrifying suspicions about the
absurd official conspiracy theory about the atrocities
of September 11, 2001. I hope you will print an answer
to this shameful hit piece. I suggest these two (of
the numerous) websites to begin a serious study of
these world historic events:


his email doesn't work, I tried contacting him.

Hopefully the reason

the writer's email didn't work is because he was getting so much flack he blocked it.

I hope people will use the 34 email addresses above to quickly and easily send a message to each.

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