Bloody August

Hello Truthers (and unfortunately trolls/shills, too),

I'm wondering if anyone is aware of the "Bloody August" that Emperor Bush has been referring to since May 24, 2007. Get it straight from the horse's er-- well you know....:

It's quite long- search for "bloody" or scroll down to where "Axelrod" is prompted. I'd expect this to disappear soon, so I'd save a copy and mirror the PDF for future reference.

My sister has heard this phrase recently on C(ia)NN. With the September deadline for General Petraeus' Iraq report, NSPD51, and Dubya's July "Presidential" Executive Orders, do you think we just might have some new False Flag Operation(s) that will constitute the self-described "Bloody August?"

If August is exceedingly messy in Iraq (or possibly here at home), this could certainly look premeditated to me.

I've also been wondering if anyone has considered keeping a "master list" of known trolls/shills, their known aliases, and modus operandi (I have 2 or 3 that I've been analyzing recently and could contribute). This might make the "Truth Movement" efforts more efficient if we had one or two places to go and look up what the "official" 911 side has been accusing us of- just a thought. The Disinfo Movement is very strong with the Neo-Cons and rebunking "debunkers" Luke, so it wouldn't hurt for activists and Truthers to read up on Operations Cointelpro, Mockingbird, and Mighty Wurlitzer (War at Home by Brian Glick and FBI Secrets by Swearingen are very good books on these subjects- of course they are out of print... hmmmm...) There is another book called "Propaganda" from 1928 or so, and reading any quotes from Joseph Goebbels or Adolf Hitler should give a pretty good grasp of how the shills operate.

Do not feed the troll... unless you make him do a trick for you first.


Bloody August

"And so, yes, it could be a bloody -- it could be a very difficult August, and I fully understand --" GWB

George understands because George is an informed man! I really think they are going to get caught this time. Too many military analysts, former cia agents, etc. knew immediately that 9/11 was an inside job. Spying works both ways, and I doubt they would sit idle for all this time letting the war machine get another cheap shot at us. I would love to see this murderous chimp and so many others pay dearly for their crimes.

Don't hate on the chimpanzees


Really, isn't this being a little vicious on the chimpanzees? Which reminds me- have you seen "Clueless George Goes to War" and the 2 follow up "children's books" by political cartoonist Pat Bagley? It is MUST READ for thinking adults and my 10-year old nephew loves them.

The 2nd book even has a "Monkey Spy Agency."



I will certainly take a look at them. I propose that once the "George W. Bush Presidential Library" opens up that millions of Americans donate one copy of "The Pet Goat". A good way for George to reminisce on the good ole days. I really think an Academy Award was in order for his performance at Booker Elementary. A definite Oscar snub by the Hollywood elite!

I am not a supporter of Bush

I am not a supporter of Bush in any way but to frame it as if Bush came up with the Bloody August concept is misleading. In fact the reporter who asked the question used the term Bloody August and Bush used it simply repeating what the reporter had just said. If there is another instance prior where Bush used it without being prompted by a reporter please add a link pointing to it. But this example is not valid imho.

Prompting and Press Conference Protocol

KNOWAR, you are correct- I should have provided a little more background when I initially wrote this.

My understanding of the present (g)WH Press Conference "Standard Operating Procedure" under the current regime is that all reporters must provide a list of their proposed questions "as will be asked" to the White House Press Secretary Tony Snow at least the night before the actual scripted Press "Conference" takes place, so that the WH Spinmeisters have an opportunity to write Dubya's responses accordingly (or possibly black-list the "investigative" reporters out of the herd).

I don't have my source immediately in front of me, but I seem to recall it being either Greg Palast, "The World According to Bush," "Bush Family Fortunes," "Bush's Brain," "Outfoxed," "Unconstitutional," "Unconvered," or possibly Michael Moore (but I'm not really a big fan of his). I am not a DC "media" reporter, but perhaps a DC reporter (or perhaps an "investigative" ex-DC reporter) can confirm the WH Press Conference protocol.

I have worked in the aerospace defense industry, and from my personal experience giving presentations before (ex??)-military consultants, NOTHING happens with these Military-Industrial Neo-cons WITHOUT at least ONE dress rehearsal and "peer review."

I have seen enough to convince me that Dubya and his Spinmeisters had ample opportunity to either side-step or else spin this "Bloody August" comment by "Axelrod." The fact that "Axelrod." was prompted by Dubya on May 24, 2007 leads me to believe that he was FULLY aware of and comfortable with the question "as asked."

I posted this because my sister heard the "Bloody August" on CNN right out of the Emperor's mouth within the last two weeks. I also have no reason to question my sister's credibilty. I personally boycott the "Mockingbird"-esque media conglomerate and do not receive cable, but I am concerned for our military personnel abroad and every non-Neo-con person at home, as well as our liberty as a nation in light of NSPD51 and the unconstitutional "July Presidential Executive" decrees by GWB. I'd appreciate it if the perceptive Truthers out there will confirm when/if they hear the "Bloody August" phrase as I will not be financially supporting the "coalition of the willing" corporate media octo-squid any time soon.

This "Bloody August" phrase looks a lot to me like the "Mission Accomplished" that I'm sure you are all sickeningly familiar with.

Thank you for your input KNOWAR,


August only "Muddy" in Maine

Thank the Heavens, August came and went with mostly the Rove/Gonzales resignations and that little KW mess of note.