Michael Moore And First Responders From "Sicko" On Jay Leno Tonight

John Feal informed me that Michael Moore brought along the three first responders from the movie "Sicko" to appear on tonight's show with Jay Leno.

Jay Leno is a scumbag who

Jay Leno is a scumbag who has supported various republicans in the past(notice 6 years into the Cheney/Bush mess he STILL makes more jokes about Clinton). dont get me wrong, i hate both parties pretty equally but the guy is obvious. i expect him to accuse Moore of "using" the first responders.

(who voted this down? do we have a Jay Leno fan here? or does somebody just not like me? faceless coward....)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Faceless cowards indeed...

Amazing how someone can vote a blog down to a 7 that has to do with sick and dying First Responders (who apparently weren't on the show, at least according to crooksandliars.com's clip), and even better, a blog that is related to Michael Moore's announcement that he "will donate 11 percent of Sicko's box office sales August 11 to "help these workers and the other workers who need help."

Which heartless pos scumbag voted this blog down I wonder?

Faceless cowards indeed. Faceless, heartless, pos scumbags indeed.

Donate To 9/11 First Responders

ah, so it was you huh

ah, so it was you huh Jon?

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


If i were..........

a first responder i would use my time to exposing the BIG lie. I would not die in vain. Let's hope one of them speak out . Yes it is a shame what these hero's are going through, so please don't get me wrong.
The topic is countless LIES!



Old Ron has sold out to Truth.He has been pandering to 911 truthers

Is Ron Paul A Mirage?

According to Alan Watt (about the only truther I can trust these days), the elite deliver our new leaders to be our heroes. Does this describe Ron Paul?

And governments are put into place to pacify the "sheeple." Even my 13-year old niece can see this.

About the only hope I have for us is the threats of Benjamin Fulford. Mr. Fulford claims to represents a Japanase Mafia -- and gave David Rockefeller 48 hours to "surrender"...

... It's a bit hard to explain here -- I HIGHLY suggest reading and listening to his 2-part interview at:


And Alan Watt's great interviews are archieved at:

At first, I loved Ron Paul because he's done all the right things in Congress for a long time. Then I learned (from Alan Watt) that the elites plan events decades... even centuries ahead of time. Is Ron Paul merely a tool of the elites?

The only thing that baffles me is why they vehemently oppose him from debates. You'd think if the elites delivered him as our hero, he'd be included in the debates.

What do you think?

i understand your concern

i understand your concern but i do not think that this is the case. i think it's clear that most politicians are the puppets of the elites and that many movements (including this one) are lead, controlled, funded and manipulated by the same people they claim to be fighting against. However, in the case of Ron Paul, he has become popular through the internet. He was not getting any funding from from these "elites" and his popularity was largely a surprise to most people. The elites did not factor in the internet when they planned for their 9/11 attacks or for their general methods of control and manipulation. I believe that Ron Paul is truly fighting for what he preaches and is in fact a thorn in the side of the elites in the same way that the Loose Change is. So though i acknowledge the possibility that Ron Paul is another puppet, I do not think that he is. His funding has come largely from internet donations by individuals and his popularity boomed through the internet, rather than the main stream media. His tactics seemed to bypass the traditional method used to control and manipulate candidates. His comments about 9/11 are justified in my opinion. He either is unaware of the evidence (since he doesn't use the internet/computers much) or he is aware of the evidence and will say whatever is necessary to win the election. In any case, if I were Ron Paul, i would probably be doing and saying the exact same things. To be honest, I trust Ron Paul. I don't trust a lot of people in the world, or even this 9/11 Movement, but I think i'm pretty good at reading situations correctly, and Ron Paul appears genuine to me.

you say elites did not factor in the internet

and I agree. This is a something I wrote a few days ago on the same subject:

I've been thinking about some things.

For starters, after watching the movie Zeitgeist, it seems clear that the 9/11 Truth movement is just one section of an overall Truth movement that began back in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve (and the conspicuous murder of Louis McFadden via food poisoning). For those of you who haven't seen the movie, the Federal Reserve is a private bank that thereafter took control of the printing of the nation's currency and the setting of interest rates. Further, the movie introduces a significant amount of evidence to support the idea that the same powerful group of bankers then used that power to usurp control of our nations media and government, such that they basically control almost every significant lever of power in American society.

And so the scheme has gone:
control the money > control the media > control the people > control the government

But now we have the internet. In an extremely short period of time the traditional hegemony of the media has shifted to a position of substantially less control over information. The CNN's and FOX's are still broadcasting online the same managed information that is printed and shown on TV, except now consumers have a real choice in where they decide to get their information online. That access, in turn, is leading many people to the sort of awakening that each of us in this group has experienced in one fashion or other. And in turn, that information is leading those people (us) to awaken and organize others, in a process that is only destined to snowball and increasingly undermine the traditional scheme utilized by the powerful cabal.

And thus we arrive at the question: Why would they let this happen? If they have so much money and power, why allow the internet, which is an obvious threat, rise to such prominence?

Since we don't know the answer, let's look at both possibilites:
1) It was allowed to happen.
2) It was resisted, but emerged outside the traditional methods of control (and was perhaps vastly underestimated in both it's influence and speed of development).

To assume the first is to assume that they are so confident in their ability to control the public that they are not at all worried about a portion of the population finding out the truth. But does that make sense? Even if enough people still support the fictitious war on terror, isn't it extremely counterproductive to unleash the fury of even a small portion of the population? And isn't it all the more counterproductive considering our substantial ability to communicate with others and grow in numbers? For these reasons, although I maintain it's possible for number one to be the case, I find it extremely hard to believe.

What makes more sense to me is explanation number 2, which is that they were taken somewhat by surprise with the internet, and now suddenly find themselves confronted with a serious threat to their traditional scheme of population control. And while it's true that efforts have been made to curtail our freedoms online (net nuetrality comes to mind), it's difficult to envision a scenario in which they will be able to stop the rampant sharing of information that comprises the very essence of our new technologies. For example, even if net neutrality passes, we will still have email, and cell phones, and the ability to post video's within social networking sites, and youtube, etc... Are we suggesting that they're gonna ban whole genre's of truth from youtube? Wouldn't that just attract more attention to that subject? And wouldn't new channels of communcation open up in response to the censorship?

Regardless, the emergence of the internet poses a serious threat to the age old scheme of population manipulation. With the awakening of each new American, the power of the myth weakens just a little bit, and the power of the elite comes under greater scrutiny. So what does that mean moving forward? Unfortunately these are not the types of people to roll over, so they may be forced to undertake increasingly extreme measures to maintain their grip on power. Perhaps one example of this is the presidential directive that was just issued by Bush allowing for essentially dictatorial powers in the event of an "emergency." Ironically, it would seem the success of our movement only moves the cabal further into a corner, inviting a more extreme and catastrophic action.

And yet, maybe it's already to late for them. With such a large new portion of the population cognizant of the potential for false flag terrorism, maybe the traditional scheme is no longer viable. Even if a new catastrophic event did occur, and Bush did assume dictatorial power and bypass elections, wouldn't that just invite a revolution by the American people to restore the constitution? In light of Goethe's quote, the one about how none are so enslaved as those who believe they are free, has not our awakening already spelled the end for this particular Zeitgeist?


A general comment to all truthers

Please keep this in mind all the time:

1. Nobody can be 100 percent right on every issue, including 9-11. To me, what is really important about Dr. Paul is that he is OPEN to a new investigation of 9-11.

2. He said he doesn't support the idea that US government was behind the events of 9/11. But he didn't say that he supports the official story either. These two are very different.

3. Even if he believes in 9/11 truth, do not expect him to reveal it right now. He is running for the president and MSM will use any means to make him look like a fool. Even if he supports the 9/11 truth, he should not talk about it openly right now.

That is what I am thinking. Let me know if you think differently. We need to get together on these issues as soon as possible.

now is the time

I am thinking that if he DOESN'T discuss 9/11 Truth, and therebye change the entire paramaters of the national conversation, then he doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

At least that's what Webster Tarpley told me.


NWO vs Unconditional Basic Income

Haha!! That is amazing! What a con-man.. Wow.. The spokesperson for the 6million-strong secret chinese-japanese mafia that has a lot of hitmen and wants to stop the Illuminati!!

Complete with REVERSE SPEECH... wow.. someone must have spent days and days to flesh out this load of crock.

I got news for you:

I AM THE SPOKESPERSON FOR THE TOP 13 HOBBITS OF THE MORMON WORLD DOMINATION PROGRAMME. Their plan is to control the world by video-games. They have left secret hypnotic messages and they can activate a million zombie XBOX gamers.

Jesus fucking Christ on a gibbet ...

Of course there are secret societies... the USA MILITARY is one of them. Of course there are plans to use race-specific diseases... there indeed are mad virologists. Of course the money system is controlled by the super-rich... but these super-rich are bound by a common interest, not by family-bonds.

The capitalist system is a self-fulfiling prophecy.. THE LOGIC OF THE SYSTEM is what drives the USA wars. It is a sound business to controll the media and make certain types of war. The business is good, because the capitalist system is designed for these kind of enterprises... AMMASS CAPITAL - SQUEEZE THE MARKET simple, huh?

If you really believe this NWO crap, here is a question for you to ponder:

The capitalist system needs changing, it is sooo obvious by now. I think DEUTSCHE BANK Alfred Herrhausen was onto it... but not the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers killed him (and Rohwedder) but which other elite assassination team masters???

Ask Tarpley... he studied this TYPE OF network (and even he didn't get very far).

Oh, OK, I answer it before you wander off into the woods to find illuminati.

These networks are the logical extension of the capitalist logic of squeezing the market. In every country there is a temptation to set up false flag teams.. undercover-false-flag stuff is just another BUSINESS SECRET... you profit from the other side not being able to emuloate your trick.

One big reason the EU is a total blessing is that it stops this state-sponsored terrorism. If you have the Swedes, Dutch, Belgians (who have seen it all) and the Germans, French and british ON THE SAME TABLE... they cannot PROFIT FROM THE FEAR BUSINESS because there is always someone who's moral compass is still pointing her/him in the right direction.

Got it?

Now.. you know why the USA is such a fucked up place...

The SYSTEM has no checks and balances.

But the SYSTEM needs to go anyway.

NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE MONEY (Freigeld, FreeMoney) PLUS a universal living allowance is the ticket...

My boyfriend tells me that in Germany they have done the theory ... and it looks promising:


i think i agree

with your premis that, and correct me if I'm wrong, it's not corruption so much as just capitalism. But obviously that doesn't make it right, nor do I think it makes this moral depravity inevitable. My goal by exposing 9/11 is to restore an ethical compass to our capitalist system, and I do not believe the two are mutually exclusive.

As for the unconditional basic income, I like that idea. Capitalism and caring are not mutually exclusive to me either, in fact, if you look at a country like a business, over time it would probably help to keep the employees happy.


it is curious how Paul is so

it is curious how Paul is so honest and up front on so many issues but refuses to be realistic about 9/11. i'll give you that. its very dissapointing how he touts the 9/11 Commisssion Report as THE authority on the "attacks" but examples like that prove he has never really been pandering to us. many 9/11 truthers(rightfully so, hes a good candidate)have flocked to Paul DESPITE him being weak on the issue of 9/11(leave blowback to Chomsky etc., it doesnt help us). i disagree with the 9/11 activists that give him a pass on 9/11 for the good of his campaign(and not just because of his chances but out of principle) but i dont hold it against them or even Paul. though years down the road i hope Paul doesnt regret sticking to the company line on 9/11 for the good of his failed(hopefully not but lets be realistic please)presidential campaign. that said, im still campaigning for him.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Didn't See it - But

Rock on - Mike -
You know what you must do.

I think the truth about 9/11

I think the truth about 9/11 has caused some of you to become a bit too paranoid. If Ron Paul is a "plant" then he has been one for about 40 years. What a long time just to fulfill the elites agenda, no?

To be fair

I think this needs a clarification / verification from Ron Paul...It's common sense that he can't start throwing accusations out at the feds without first creating a new 9/11 commission and looking at it's conclusions. There mere fact that Ron Paul wants a new investigation into what happened entails that he supports 9/11 truth. This liveleak radio host is a biased idiot who was actively pushing Ron Paul throughout most of this interview (hit peace style) to say something that he could SPIN into a hurtful dagger against the truth movement. Just goes to show the poor quality and lack of serious reporting from the idiots over at LivePiss.

Ron Paul

I think Ron Paul is the real-deal but only time will tell. I also heard rumors about the Japanese Mafia or the Chinese Mafia threatening the illuminati. (Rockefeller, Rothschild ect) I have no idea how true these rumors are but I am praying that they are true.

Thank you

Jon for the heads up. I thought Moore & Leno were cool. I liked when Jay pointed out if even a fraction of what Moore said was true something needs to be done fast. The same point can be made for the truth of 9/11. I was sad to see no time was spent with the first responders.

Michael Moore is a

Michael Moore is a sell-out.
He has way too much airtime, and is not to be trusted.

In his movie Fahrenheit 911, Moore ignored the fact that Dick Cheney told NORAD to stand down.


If he would have exposed the stand down order, it is possible that many innocent lives could have been spared in the wars that have followed.

Michael Moore not only owns Halliburton Stock, but Boeing Stock as well. He is a war profiteer.


And now, in Moore’s newest film Sick-o, he is using the 9/11 first responder’s to further his own monetary gain.

Moore is not to be trusted. He wants Al Gore for President, and Al Gore is a global elitist.

Moore also wants Universal Health Care which equals Big Government.