Michelle Malkin is obsessed with 911 truthers.


Malkin’s website constantly reports on people in the 911 truth movement as crazies or lunatics. Why, you may ask? Her found neoconservative ‘ideology’ (large amounts of Fox News cash) has made her into a satirical caricature of any past fascist ideologue. Michelle, spawn of Filipino gods Aswang and Apo Laki, has brought a new form of viciousness to the media. She is a regular contributor on right wing, neocon propaganda channel Fox News where she ridicules people that don’t believe in her fascist dogma. She can often be seen on soul mate Bill Oreilly’s primetime ‘hate everyone but us’ talk show spewing anger. She is so in tune with serpent tongued Oreilly that she often hosts his show Michelle when he is on holiday.

She has taken it upon herself to try and ‘inform’ the masses of the great danger posed by the 911 truth movement. She refers to the movement as virus that is spreading through the entire country. It is actually spreading through the entire world. People are starting to wake up to the fact that governments have used false flag terror to accomplish whatever their agenda was at that time. History shows us that these types of events are more common than people realize. So Michelle will continue in this vain attempt to fool people into believing lies, while the 911 truth movement looks towards the future, a future in which we are free. Click on the link below and read the comments by her evil little followers:


They also cheered the jailing of a 911 conspiracy documentary producer Korey Rowe. He was arrested for desertion from the Army. The same United States Army that gave him an honorable discharge. Michelle is truly the worst kind of person. She doesn't care whether he was guilty or not, only that someone spreading the "virus" was arrested. She loves to speak about illegal immigrants as if they are all sub-human criminals. The only immigrants that I wish hadn’t have come here are her parents. Yes it’s harsh but the last thing this country needs is more corporate whore liars.

Michelle Malkin - fake Christian

I posted a commentary about her July 27th appearance on my website www.foxnewsantichrist.com