New paper at The Journal of 9/11 Studies

The following message was sent to Michael Newman, spokesperson for NIST’s WTC investigation, on June 19th.

Dear Mr. Newman,

I've been asked to identify a defender of the official story of 9/11/01, for a possible debate or discussion on the Thom Hartmann radio show.

Would anyone from NIST be interested in joining me for this debate? If so, please respond to me, and David Pool (copied), the producer of Thom's show.

Kevin Ryan

To date there has been no response to this invitation, from Mr. Newman or anyone else at NIST. Having waited nearly three years to hear back from NIST’s Frank Gayle, I can say that this is no surprise.

But here is a new paper covering one of the issues that might have been discussed in such a debate, that is, if NIST scientists actually did have the integrity to stand up for their work.

Keven Ryan writes new paper on the Squibs

Be sure to check it out:

High Velocity Bursts of Debris From Point-Like Sources in the WTC Towers
Kevin Ryan, 6/13/2007

This paper aims to bring to light just one specific aspect of the physical evidence, namely, the phenomena known as “demolition squibs”. In actuality, this evidence is better described as high velocity bursts of debris ejected from point-like sources near the exterior facade as each building disintegrated. The demolition hypothesis suggests that these bursts of debris are the result of the detonation of explosive charges (squibs), placed at key points in the structure to facilitate the removal of resistance. But it’s important to note that it is the bursts of debris themselves that are the actual evidence, not the presumed cause of those bursts.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Show "Debate challenge" by Mark Roberts

Mr. Roberts

As you know, I accepted your "antyime, anyplace" challenge last time as well, only to find that the National 911 Debate did not fit within those terms.

Apparently the Thom Hartmann show has found only one person in America who will still support the official conspiracy theory with regard to the events at the World Trade Center. That one person is you. Despite not having any information about your background, I'm willing to accept your challenge again, given one small test of your abilities.

Please tell me how much jet fuel was left remaining to feed the fires on the floors of impact and failure in either of the WTC towers. Since you are supporting the official conspiracy theory, I assume you will refer to the NIST WTC report, which would be the main focus of our debate.

If you can answer this one simple question, I will again accept your challenge.

Good luck.

Show "You are incorrect, Mr. Ryan." by Mark Roberts

Suely you can answer

this one simple question that is central to the entire debate. There are no scientific or engineering skills involved in the answer, only the ability to read.

When you have an answer, let me know. By the way, from what I've heard the debate only lasts one hour, so a four hour delay in response might be a problem.

If you decide that you cannot answer this one fundamental question, please stop lurking at my blog as if you did have some knowledge to offer.

Show "Mr. Ryan, Your continued" by Mark Roberts


You've had a few hours to answer Ryan's question.

You are not welcome to post coy responses here that only seem to facilitate more coy responses with no end in sight. I may not be in charge of setting standards or qualifications for the Thom Hartmann debate, but here on Ryan's blog, he asked a fair question of you, and received no direct answer. Just more goading.

Ryan knows where to find you.

Your account here is blocked.


Mark Roberts said he would debate for the NIST theory side

Over on the JREF forum Mark Roberts said he would accept the challenge as a supporter of the present government explanation for the destruction of the Twin Towers to debate Kevin on the Thom Hartmann radio show. He said he replied to this post. Why isn't his comment shown?

Thanks for posting Mark's acceptance of the debate challenge. My question above was answered. I would like to hear a debate between Mark and Kevin on the radio show.