Picking Up The Pace: A Suggestion Guide For The Next Month And A Half Part 1

We're just a month and a half from the perhaps the biggest moment in the history of this movement, and the biggest potentially positive moment this country has seen in a long long time, somehow entrenched in a very sad anniversary. I know many people have been doing the monthly actions, and many do actions at other times, as well..some weekly(or even more). I'd like to use this oppurtunity to suggest the following:

We have to create an overflow of momentum into the day. I think we have been building some momentum for quite some time, its safe to say, but what are we going to do to really tip the scale, so that the very moment we arrive at the Grounds, it can be the end of the reign for the criminals.

We need to show people the significance of this time, not just on one day, or even on one weekend. Of course we want and need to show it then. But much like an event that comes into town, and leaves, it won't have the same lasting effect unless its "40 days and 40 nights", in a sense.

Multiple WEEKLY Actions

First thing i would propose to everyone who possibly can, to make it an absolute goal to hit the street a minimum of twice a week leading into the sixth anniversary, where ever you are. If possible, even more..but of course we all have only so much time and energy. This is very essential..everywhere people go, they need to see the signs of the time...we sure know the media won't show them. We need to do everything we can to show people this isn't just a day out, but this is a 24/7, 365 day a year movement and reality we are living in and must act upon. For many, even whom still go about the "typical" everyday lives, theres a rupture in their soul and something cutting at the back of their mind and it may be only waiting to be let out.

I've made a commitment to do 30 actions by the second week of September. I've already done 3, so i'm off to a solid start. I'll do my best to reach that goal. No matter what, i can't fail.

Now all this leads into my second suggestion:

Go Into Your Neighborhood Streets And Neighborhoods Around You

It is common in the movement to go out to town halls, city hot spots, public offices, ect. These are all good ideas, but not everyone gets out to these places, or even close to everyone. Furthermore, we want to demonstrate to people that this is important everywhere, in every street, in every neighborhood, not just in the big time spots. We need to bring community into this as much as possible. That has always been the strength of good states and nations. So absolutely, please reach into your local neighborhood and surrounding neighbhorhoods early and often. Make it your number one commitment. It will also cut down a bit on travel, which will save you time and energy, which is obviously at high demand right now.

Artists: Visual And Musical Soundtrack

Being in New York City and taking the subway, i know well that music becomes a background, a soundtrack, to travels through the city at one point or another. Drawings, Paintings, Photography, Mini-Plays all provide visual sound in many parts of the city, especially Central Park. I'm sure this is true for other places around the country as well, and as artists we can make it more so-and more widespread-right now, with the most crucial message. We can be a soundtrack that leads up to the moment. If you write any music, make any art, write any poetry, you name it, now is the time to unleash it publicly at parks..in subways..at all public places possible. People are plastered with false idea's of what is important..on billboards, in commercials, with much of mainstream music, ect. We have to offer them another possibility and let them choose. Now is the time to really do something you can look back on and be proud of, that you did with your talents. More then any great things you may ever do and be proud of with your art.

Blast The News

I'm sure this one is pretty much forgone for just about everyone. But comb over it, and any place you'd never think to make it known that the anniversary is coming, and the truth is going to be brought to light around the country(and world), hit up. I'd also suggest this for an idea that is starting to be passed around, a General Strike on 9/11/07. Drop down banners, on t-shirts, fliers, on dvd's you hand out(and/or edited within), on buttons, in legal grafitti..hell, with chalk on the roads, walls, in parks, ect..totally legal..you name it. Let it fly.

Hit The Schools As Soon As They Open

I'm jumping a bit ahead with this one, but hey, its only about another month or so.

The schools are going to open about a week before the anniversary, if i am correct. Please make a plan to visit your local school a couple times if possible, as soon as they open. I'd highly encourage the very first day of school(find out how long the day is, when class starts and ends, it will probably be a half day), because you will be setting the tone for the new school year. You can do alot towards defining what those students make of their coming year, and what it will mean to them. Obviously, it would be wise to focus on High Schools. Elementary is just too young, of course, and i'd say thats true for most Intermediate School students as well. Flier outside a High School/s local to you, at the start or end of the class day. Bring dvd's and other materials you can hand out if possible. Make a second trip back if you can. Be sure to include information about anniversary events in the fliers if you can.

I would suggest a trip or two to a/any college/s near you as well. And sinse they will likely open about a week before the High Schools, it will more likely give you spacing to get it done.

Lastly, For Now...

Put your differences aside. For goodness sake. Discussion and disagreement is fine, and sure we can't all stand to work right next to eachother(i can think of a few i don't trust to be around); but calling this one and that one agents, and not realizing that we will all be standing side by side on a day very soon, is a mistake. Some of us don't agree with all the information others pass along, and some of us make assumptions about motive. Not every gripe is unjustified, but we have to be alittle less quick to judge and a little quicker to ask ourselves where should i be placing my energy. We have to ask ourselves if maybe someone just believes something different then we do(this has happened before..for many of us, there was a time when we thought the official story was true, even). Hell, if someone is making it a goal to spread disinfo, then obviously one of their goals is to burn up your energy : ) SO...lets not fall into losing our energy internally when we have to face an external beast.

I offer these words i've wrote, in closing, for those who cannot get along..you can at least say these to eachother and make double realization:

I said
"when the time comes,
don't mistake me for your enemy"
(he glanced)
but right now,
"don't mistake me for your friend"

And then get down to what needs to be done : )

Excellent ideas...

Pls drop me an email, would you? hardevidence@gmail.com
And please note http://911blogger.com/node/10229 as another pro-active goal...


Appreciate much the interest and support of the ideas within. Certainly will email you, and have incidentally actually began looking over the link you enclosed to me, quite pleased so far. There are layers of problem we need to unearth and resolve. I have noticed one of the greatest intrusions on an individual refusing to bow down to the land and world we are becoming, is the idea that theres a great Muslim threat out there. So i think your idea's also go a long way towards dissolving that barrier towards people's freedom from fear. But of course it is also an issue they must resolve within themselves, lest they be tricked again by some other device. We can certainly do our part to assist..
Think one goal we have to achieve at an even greater level is conveying to people the reality that real people are involved. I had previously began doing(and had forgotten, now reminded by your response) posts on another site, which were called "The People That Die Are Real". From soldiers to civilians here and in Iraq/Afghanistan, as well as other parts of the Mid-East region, taking snippets from obituaries or where ever else i could find them, revealing the person behind the statistic. Thanks for reminding me, i wish to do that some more.
There is a (currently)small organization i work with, we've just started up, i will discuss these things with them : )

Hi Sweet Sacrifice

Yes. I like the idea of combining cardboard banners at the entrance/exits at a local mall with the leaflet under the windshield idea. I would give priority to the leaflets though and then reinforce their effect with the banners after you had placed all your leaflets.
If you have the manpower, do both simultaneously.

I'm all for leaving materials in places where people congregate and wait. The DVDs and the leaflets are both quick grab materials and, IMO, no preference should be given to one over the other in any activist endeavor. Office waiting room, a lobby waiting are and an elevated desk, particularly where individuals are passing by, such as a check-in desk are all perfect choices for the placement of activist materials be they DVDs or info leaflets.
Just as long as the materials are being circulated in the public domain. DVDs, leaflets, whatever, just get them out there :)
I agree that you should tell people to make as many copies of the DVDs as they wish and encourage them to distribute them freely.

A good tactic to employ with DVDs and books, but particularly DVDs since they require less effort on the part of the individual you are approaching, is to not just hand them out, but to turn the individual you approach into a participant in the cause. Ask them for their opinion on the DVD. Maybe say you are a consultant to one of the producers of the film and you would really like to get their feedback on the movie to help prepare for the next edition of the movie. Maybe that's a stretch:)
How about just ask them for their opinion. Don't give them your phone number. Give them your email address. Include it on the DVD. It's a good way to start a meaningful dialogue with people.

In all cases make it clear that the materials are free.

As regards inviting people to your place to watch the movie, I agree a two week advance notice of the showing is best. The more people you invite, the longer the notice you will probably have to give. I might give them more notice. Make it fun. Make up a huge batch of spaghetti. Offer some soft drinks. Make sure everyone there leaves with a copy of the movie. A month later, do another showing. Ask the same people to come over. Maybe they'll bring some friends.
As for which truth movie to show first timers, people new to the truth, I recommend America: Freedom to Fascism. It's not as far a leap to make for the individual as the subject matter is in TerrorStorm or the 9/11 DVDs. The idea that your won government would attack you is simply to much for some. You might as well say the Klingons did it.
But everyone deals with the tax man at some point. There is an immediate familiarity with the tax issue. There's no new ground to break. Or at least there's not as much ground to break ,and the ground is easier to break.

One tactic to employ in libraries is to simply place an info leaflet in every single book and magazine you see. One in every book and magazine on every shelf.
Put one at around page 20 or 30 so it doesn't slip out as the library staff check it out for the patron. Again, minimal expenditure of resources, potentially huge payoff. You could use a tiny piece of tape to make sure it stays there.

Universities and colleges are a great place to get active. I recommend going into University departments and asking the secretary if you can leave activist material in the mail alcove/box of every prof. If not, could you at least leave a pile of material in a prominent place somewhere in the department office and reading room? Heck, bypass the department secretary and just go into the reading room of each department and leave activist materials on a table or tables and with each person there.

Go into each empty classroom in each building on campus and leave activist materials on every desk and table there.
Go into the cafeterias and do the same.
Go into the campus libraries and leave activist materials at every desk and table. Leave material with each student you see.
If you have the strength, place info leaflets in every book on every shelf on every floor. The same as you did in the public libraries.
You certainly don't go for it all at once. Target one section on each floor every time you go out.
Go into the administrative buildings and leave activist materials in each office in the buildings.

You could also go into a well traveled coffee stop, a Starbucks's for example, and set up a mini truth stand. Order a big coffee for your self and place a 9/11 truth banner on your table advertising your free DVDs and other materials. Stay all afternoon. The staff won't (shouldn't) mind as long as you order a couple of coffees or lattes or whatever. Go with a friend. Make it fun.

As for the car wash. The biggest problem potentially there as I see it, is getting it placed in a high traffic area. I don't know how you could do that. I guess you could ask around in your city and see where other car wash events have been held and how they set it up.
You could try doing it in a friend's driveway or maybe your apartment buildings parking lot.
Getting the word out in advance about your car wash would be important here.
Maybe you could just set yourself up in a public space somewhere. Would it require a permit from the city? I don't know. But other people do it, have done it, so I know it can be done.
I don't know how modest you and your friends are but remember - sex sells. You could do the car wash in bikinis. If you are a male, and not too modest, you could do it with your shirt off and in shorts.
Attractive looking people in shorts and bikinis are sure to draw more people than just the offer of a free car wash by itself.
It would make for a fun day, out in the sun, washing cars and talking to people.
If I had the money, I would hire a couple of bikini (female) models to work the car wash and just watch all the male drivers show up all day.
Bikinis or not, it would probably take 4 or 5 people, as you say, to make it work. More if you started getting a lot of drivers. But as a rule, you need one person to soap the car down and then another to rinse it off with a hose. You'll need at least a couple more people to hand out materials and talk to the drivers about the relevant issues. One other person should be there with a camera to film the event.
You're probably OK doing it without males if there are 4 or 5 of you. But I would suggest having at least a couple of males present just to be on the safe side, especially if you decide to do it in bikinis. If you're male then it's not an issue.
Definitely film this event, preferably on two different cameras.

As you correctly point out, filming is a must as it potentially energizes other truth activists to do the same things you are doing and generally spreads the word about our cause.

As for the public restrooms, gloves are indeed a good idea. If there is a hand drying station, place materials there. Yes, the inside of the stalls are abused so a leaflet there might not be very high yield. But how do you know for sure? It might last all day and night there. Not everyone that uses a public restroom is destructive or petulant like that. Given the minimum costs of placing a banner or leaflet there I would do it. That's the beauty of leaflets. They are so cheap as to render the cost/benefit analysis irrelevant.
Try to place the leaflets/banners in as high a place as you can in the restroom. The higher the placement the more likely it is to catch the eye, and I would guess, the less likely someone is to go to the trouble of removing it.

Full page ads in the newspaper is the activist's dream tactic short of TV ad time. If you can afford a full page ad, go for it!
As I said though, in my experience, newspapers are usually running some kind of special. Take advantage of them when they do. For (much) less than ten dollars you can get substantial ad space. It won't be hard to brainstorm a few key phrases to fit into that space to effectively trumpet your materials and contact info.

Promoting pro truth rock bands is a must. Asking them to consider your cause and singing about it might be along shot but why not try?
If you present your (our) case cogently, they just might.
I wish I knew a good cover band. There was a great song by Extreme (in the 90s) called Get the Funk Out
high energy, solid rock.
I'd like to rewrite this song into a truth song.
How about instead of "Get the Funk Out", Get the Truth Out.
"If you don't like what you see here, get the Truth out "! So much potential there.

You definitely have to challenge Bloomberg's silly laws and ordinances. The bike rider number limit is preposterous. I've never heard of such a thing. New York is now worse than the Soviet Union and Nazi state in some ways.
Make them act like the tyrants they are pretending to be. Watch judge throw the case out.
Get a second job if you can and bank the money until you've got a legal war chest so you can fight the NYPD and Bloomberg and back them off.
I like the idea of forming a truth bike riding club. You've got freedom speech - use it!

I believe there's lots of potential for turning 9/11 Truth into a brand someday. For example, 9/11 Truth sports teams. Get enough people together to form a team and join a league. Volleyball, Soccer, baseball, hockey, basketball, whatever. Just put a team together and go out and compete under the 9/11 Truth flag. Design cool truth jerseys and uniforms and become a viable sports presence.
You mention events that benefit the public weal .
How about 9/11 Truth sponsored charity events?
I like the idea of 9/11 Truth environmental cleanup projects. Clean up a river,field,orchard, park wearing 9/11 Truth gear and under a big sing that says "This River Cleanup is a project of 9/11 Truth Environmental Team" or something like that. You know what I mean. The point is to associate the 9/11 Truth name directly with projects, that benefit everyone. Great projects, great publicity. It's a win win.

How about 9/11 Truth businesses? 9/11 Truth Painters, for example. 9/11 Truth organic food markets, window washing, lawn care, any business can have the 9/11 Truth name potentially.

Why don't you take these ideas we've been discussing here and turn it into a blog entry here and post it on your website?
Mail it around to other truth organizations. I'm sure these ideas are just the beginning. The more people that see them, the more chance there is of improving on them!


So appreciated

All of your time and thought is so appreciated. Am reading this over, taking segments at a time between some work today. Will be responding in full, hopefully by this evening the latest, but wanted to let you know i am reading and appreciate it greatly DC. : )


Apologies for not getting a full response to you sooner. Have a major event here tomorrow i've been helping set up, regarding the film/photography ban set to take effect in nyc, so i have been divulging much of the last couple days to that.

It's a very good idea(and one that some have begun incorporating here :) ) to ask for an email response to a dvd. Its also a good idea to ask them to make copies if they find the content compelling and can spread it on. Essentially, even if they aren't prone to active work historically, you are planting a seed for what they may not even see as 'activism'..but it may get them rolling and will provide for a quick outreach to those around them.

Wouldn't even hurt to ask them to reproduce the flier if they find it compelling, as well. ; )

A follow up showing, would a great idea. I would suggest perhaps another, but related, documentary. But it depends on how much of a turnover you expect. Excellent idea.

I tend to leave terrorstorm till after offering someone to view a movie specifically focused on 9/11. Especially sinse terrorstorm starts with an assumption the viewer knows the truth about 9/11. Freedom to Fascism, prior, may be even a precusor. Going 1, 2, 3, in that order, would probably make for a softer landing for someone who's been on the fairytale cloud 9.

Filling library books is effective, and when properly placed as you suggest, odds are they won't be "swept away". Though its not likely they will be swept away from a library desk, it is a bit more possible. And curiousity is a great way to trigger someone.

I'd say going straight to the reading rooms, regarding universities, is the best call. When going to the secretary, you're probably putting an all or nothing shot up there. If the secretary rejects your request, they may eye everything you do from hense, and if they take disagreement over the material, you may be made to leave. On the other hand, going straight to the reading rooms, library, ect, get you utlimately where you need to go. And of course, you could always slide materials under professors office doors ; )

Visiting empty classrooms may be a good idea as well, as long as you are sure the janitor has already made run through the room. Otherwise, they will all get cleaned up before anyone gets there. Perhaps find classrooms that are scheduled for a class in 15-20 minutes.
Cafeteria's, same goes to some degree. Make sure its at the beginning of an hour, after the clean up. Actually quite a good spot in another way sinse there is likely nothing else around to read.
Particularly if you are in a small town type place, that revolves around a university, hitting every book room over time is an excellent idea. Of course thats alot of fliers, but if you can get them, then go for it : )

I'm not a fan of starbucks, but theres no question that shops that are made for sitting and reading would be perfect. A small paper folded sign, would not draw issue with the staff, most likely, but would still draw some attention. If you could put a bigger one, heh, then even better..but it depends on the establishment. Vox Pop type places would be perfect for this, as they probably would have not the slightest groan with you sitting there all day.

I know that car washes have been set up on fairly major roads here in brooklyn. I've even seen them near the bridges. Mostly, its a feel-out situation. Have to see what the angles are, how much sidewalk traffic and space there is, ect. It definitely can be done : )

I do like the idea, though i'm not really a fan of using sex to pass idea's, especially this one. I think that and using 9/11 truth as a brand are not favorable. The latter of course, no matter how innocent, will be seen as an attempt to make money off of the idea behind the brand. The foremost, i don't believe is as effective as people think, when it comes to absorbing information of substance. When selling a t/v, sure it makes sales..because it is material matter with material matter. But when asking a drooling individual to review 9/11, i think their brain is focused on other matters, you know? hah. But that's one reason why i don't advocate it.

Hmm..for ads...

Well if its a small ad, perhaps even posing a question and leading a link as follows may be one clever way:

"Did you know that WTC building 7 collapsed at 5:20 on 9/11? Didn't know? Thats probably because it was ommitted from the Commission Report.

Feel free to contact Phillip Zelikow at:"

Something along those lines, maybe something a bit sharper, might really stimulate some people. I like the phrase "feel free to contact....at", because it stimulates them more to decide what they want to say/ask/demand, rather then being told. I think one of our goals is to turn others on to free thinking and independent action, and i believe this is a good way to.

There are alot of independent bands, and if you check local listings at bars and what not(myspace for example has listings that are used by many bands), you may find bands that have names very suggestive of being open to a song of the sort. Who knows, they may have already. Listening to such bands material, and offering particular praise for such songs, is a good wya to get the band to play them more. Every band wants people to enjoy their material. The better the feedback, the more likely they are willing ot play it for an audience of the faithful and of those who have never heard them before, alike. All promotion of such bands is a huge lift. Maybe get together with them an encourage them to come due an acoustic set up or full band set up at a street action you set up, and encourage them to set up a flier/materials stand at each show they do ; )

Bloomberg and the laws of nyc(especially sinse giuliani), have destroyed the freedom of new york city. I touched on at the start, working on one event. Setting up a bike riding group would be another. I do plan to put that together and am helping a bike riding fan will help me out. I'd love to see a number of them around the country, perhaps we can trigger that ; )

"I like the idea of 9/11 Truth environmental cleanup projects. Clean up a river,field,orchard, park wearing 9/11 Truth gear and under a big sing that says "This River Cleanup is a project of 9/11 Truth Environmental Team" or something like that. You know what I mean. The point is to associate the 9/11 Truth name directly with projects, that benefit everyone. Great projects, great publicity. It's a win win."

Great idea. This type of brand use i think is sending a purely positive message. Work for the homeless, helping sick first responders(obviously highly applies), helping at homes, environment as you mentioned, you name it. This is starting to unfold. With more discussion of it, i think it will take off. Seems ripe to.

I do believe all of these idea's can serve alot of people well, and i would like to put them all down in one suggestive guide. I'd even like to set up an idea's page for them, and an email where people can pass along more idea's that can be added to the page. Just as much, making an entry of them on here should only stimulate more conversation, so i'm all for that. I think following part 2, i'm going to do that. I'm sure there will be more creative discussion between now and then(and beyond). : )

Thankyou again DC.

I like the idea

of printing up a whole bunch of factoid leaflets containing the major points about 9/11 or the North American Union, about 5-10 facts on each leaflet jotted up in point form, and going to mall parking lots, and sticking one leaflet under the windshield wiper of every car there.

Potentially Compelling..

I think this is a good idea, long as there is no pressing law against it. Sinse a vehicle is private property, i'm not sure what the windshield laws are..may even vary from state to state. Don't think i could argue it unjust if it was deemed illegal considering. But if its legal, i think you could cover alot of ground quickly. A question i have, of course, is how people respond to windowshield fliers. I would ask around, and see if people at least look at them first, or just throw them on the ground. If they more often look, this could reach alot of people fast and wouldn't take long to distribute a load of fliers. Time=Energy. So it would be an absolutely maximumly productive equation.

Another idea i like, in a mall-type setting, is getting a series of 9/11 truth related signs, and at each of the vehicle entrance/exists, placing them so that they will be visible to drivers/pedestrians. So many people enter the strip malls, whether it be food market malls or otherwise. Might be worth it to stick around and see how long they remain. If they remain a sustained amount of time, it wouldn't be a bad habit to develop ; )

Thankyou so much for reading and for your response : ) Hope you will share further.

Hi Sweet Sacrifice

I have no idea what the legalities are, if any, of placing leaflets under windshield wipers are. I would be surprised if it is a legal issue. If it is a legal issue it would be small. You'd have to ask the city or a lawyer.

My guess is that the only real legality involved is a potential trespassing issue. Would the owners of the mall allow you to operate on their parking lot(s)?

As for its effectiveness, who knows for sure. But then who knows what the hit miss ratio of any activist stratagem is for sure. I've taken the time to read leaflets placed under my windshield in the past. I know someone who did it for her cause to spread awareness and it worked for her.

I would say the hit miss ratio is almost irrelevant since you are reaching so many people in such a short period of time for such a low expenditure of resources. For example, if you place a thousand leaflets in two parking lots over the course of a day (you can place more if you have people helping you, of course), and achieve even a ten percent hit rate - a hit being someone who actually reads the info, becomes concerned, researches the issue(s) further and then takes action themselves - it seems to me the job is done.
That's a hundred minds you have awoken. That is a good day's work for one person by any measure.

As for other activist tactics, how about going into office buildings and leaving leaflets and DVDs in lobbies and foyers on every floor?
If you can, go into every office and leave a DVD and/or leaflet with every person at a desk. If you can't access the office residents that directly, just leave a pile with the receptionist.

How about condo and apartment buildings ? If you live in a residential building, leave a little package containing a DVD and leaflet on every doorknob in the building. Do it at night if you want to retain your anonymity and not want to raise eyebrows.
If you know someone who lives in a condo or apartment building, ask them to distribute activist material in their building, or better yet go in there yourself next time you visit them and leave the activist material on every doorknob in the building plus a pile in the building lobby.

Invite residents of your building to your suite or some other place to watch TerrorStorm and America:Freedom to Fascism or 9/11 Mysteries.

Libraries are good too. Ask the librarian if you can leave a pile of DVDs leaflets on the checkout desk or whether you can leave your cause and contact info on the checkout desk.
Heck, just leave a pile of activist material on every desk in the library.
Book a room for a showing of TerrorStorm and America:Freedom to Fascism or 9/11 Mysteries.
Buy truth books and simply donate them to your local library.

If you live in Portland, go to Powell's and leave activist material on every desk and table if you can.

Public restrooms are less than savory but, if you aren't too put off by the prospect, leave a bunch of flyers in public washrooms, paste them up on the wall and inside the cubicle(s).

Advertise your materials in your local newspapers. You can do it pretty cheaply as a rule. In fact, one paper here is run on free advertising from individuals. It charges you nothing to place your item in their paper. They make their money off of paid placement advertising. You would offer your activist materials for free of course.
But even if your paper charges you, they usually offer deals. Right now my city's main paper is offering a full week three line classified ad for $7.65.

How about a 9/11 Truth car wash? Free car wash. Free 9/11 Truth DVD and pamphlet with every car wash.
All you pay for is a couple of hoses, some non abrasive soap, some squeegees and cloths, if you don't already have them. Advertise your car wash in your local paper(s), staple notices about it on telephone poles a week ahead of time, and tell your local media about it.
Film it and post your car wash day highlights on YouTube.

If you are at some public event involving a microphone, approach the MC and ask him for a minute of mike time at some point in the proceedings. Use that minute to tell everyone present about your DVDs and other activist material, how they can get it and where. Preferably you have a bunch of material with you that you can give to them right there.

Approach local merchants and ask them to include a free truth DVD with every purchase in their store. So if it's an antique store, for example, ask the merchant to give a free DVD with every item they sell.
Or just ask them to let you leave a pile of material with them for customers to take with them if they choose.

Public laundromats are a good place to spread truth. People sitting there with little to do and usually bored and impatient waiting for their laundry. They are a captive audience (in the best sense of the term) . Give them something interesting to read to pass the time. Leave a pile of truth material in the laundromat. If you do your laundry in the laundromat, pass out material to, and strike up conversations with, your fellow laundromatters

If you like the exercise, turn your bike into a 9/11 Truth vehicle. Rig up your bicycle to mount a 9/11 Truth message and ride slowly around your town or city all day. Make sure to wear a truth T-Shirt while you ride.
The more the merrier on this one. Imagine a 9/11 Truth convoy or cavalcade.

You could also go to a grocery store, a popular one, at a busy time of day, say between 4-7 PM, and put a 9/11 Truth banner on your shopping cart. Put up a couple banners on your cart. Move around the store slowly, taking your time to fill up your cart and being sure to talk to any one showing interest in your banner.

So Much, So Pleased To Read, DC..

Your mind is running with idea's, i love it.I would say in regards to the legal issues, if you have any concerns, any individual out there, please check to alleviate those concerns. I think you make a pretty good arguement for how this can be successful, and if others feel the same way about it, would be great to see them impliment it and give feedback as to how it transpired. I already am to be setting up a series of cardboard banners at the entrance/exits at a local mall. I'd like to double that with this idea of yours.

I like the idea of leaving materials in area's that people will perhaps take a stop/seat at, and grab to read and review. I like fliers more so when speaking of area's such as lobbies with coffee table-type set ups, but when there is a elevated desk set up, i think a combo with the dvd's would be highly effective. My reasons for the difference is that within the coffee table type of set up, such as in an office waiting room, a lobby waiting area, ect, people are obviously inclined to read and make use of the reading materials more quickly then the dvd's, which may look out of place there and be swept away before largely touched, via someone who presides over the waiting area. On the other hand, an elevated desk, particularly where individuals are passing by, such as a check-in desk, would be a great spot for something more applicable to a quick grab, which would be where the dvd's would quickly go i believe. What do you think?

I do also like the idea of leaving a little package, perhaps a little plastic bag with a greeting and asking the individuals within to review the materials, also stating that they are free and those individuals are encouraged to make as many copies as they wish, ect. I think descreteness would be wise in this scenerio, as there are also those individuals who won't take kindly and will seek to stir trouble with your housing status. But a good idea for those who can but haven't already done
something along these lines in their building.
Showing a film at your place, or perhaps a place that can be rented out very cheap-there are certainly spaces of the sort available-is an idea that if properly promoted, works real well. Best as i've gathered from being a part of such things and more
over, talking to those who have done such actions many times, its best to give at least two weeks prior invitation to maximize on the crowd numbers : )

Libraries are GREAT spots. And sinse the central theme is reading, leaving a flier/s at each seat amongst the seating area is a really good idea. Have done this before, and is pretty easy to do and can go over very well. Did not have dvd's at that time, but putting a stack in the middle of a seating table would be a great idea as well. Someone who read the materials and shows interest would undoubtably notice them and grab one. Might want to make a little note that the dvd's are free, though most likely the individuals will figure this anyway. So many people are just thirsting for knowledge at libraries. Be sure such a flier points out good books on the topic ; )

Public restrooms, this one is interesting. Its kinda humerous in a sense to think of someone having time to read such a thing in a restroom, but the stall actually may see that happen. One thing, though. Sinse the inside of stalls tend to be the subject of mass graffiti, do you believe such a thing would get much reach for the effort? Might be quickly scribbled over?
Unusual idea!, but creative and like i said, we need to think of spots we might even never think of..and i think you certainly did that. One piece of advice: i'd certainly bring gloves if done ;) What do you think of also placing a flier on the wall where the hand drying station is located? Thats one of the few stop-spots in the restroom, and as someone will be done with all they came to do, they might stop to read.
We need to take the message everywhere, right? So why not, i definitely concur.

Ads in the paper, excellent. Some have done this, but i think its oft forgotten, haven't thought of it myself in a long time, i know that much. I think knowing how complicit the (particularly mainstream) media is, we don't think of such resources as much. Or at least i don't, so thanks for bringing it up. Usually words are limited, so maybe think of and pick through a short series of words that will really grab someone. Full page ads, if possible, would be a great spot to practically turn into a flier ; )

A 9/11 truth carwash: If the expense can be kept low, and the flow of people is fairly good..and more over if you have a location that has high levels of traffic(pedestrian/vehicle) passing by, then doing this with a huge banner would be energy impact effective and very community friendly. Anything that is very community friendly is an idea worth jumping on. How many people would it take for such an
operation? I'm figuring 4, maybe 5?
Your mention of filming...i think filming any and every particularly creative action, particularly those that are new idea's, is a crucial attachment that can
multiply the impact of your effort and your energy spent, many times. Seeing it and seeing its success will get others right on it : )

If you get to small music bars and the sort, i do believe the idea of asking for a minute on the mic(or even getting one of the musicians to give a shout for you) is awesome(this is one of several i'm going to try to put this to the test very very soon). Can be done outdoors as well(and worth a try, without a doubt..can be so many in the crowd), but one specific thing about local music scene bars/clubs, is that they tend to be more audience friendly and personal, and you can sort through their coming performances list and find bands that are in tune with whats happening in the world right now. Then you have a really high probability of success at getting the shout, and hey, you may even get to enjoy some good music along the way : ) Healthy : )

This brings me to a sidenote as well. Something i've done for some time, is when finding a good band that is on the message, giving them promotion where possible. Encouraging people, maybe asking to be informed when they are going to advertise their events with fliers and taking a few to put up on a truth run, linking up to them on any page you may have, ect, is a great idea. For all the arts i encourage this.

Public laundrymats are something i have tested, and you are totally right. People only tend to have the option of t/v at a laundrymat. Not good. We can step in and give them that other option, as spoken of above. Leaving it on a seat, on top of an empty laundry machine, at a folding table, ect, all great spots..how about at the change machine as well? Maybe taping one or two up outside the entrance doors. I did this recently a local laundry, and it is a particularly big one and was easy
to do and quick to garner attention. I can vouch for this one, and going back with additional materials on a later date(perhaps the same day of the week if you have new materials, as many people tend to do laundry on the same day/s each week), would be icing.

Maximizing your energy, and tapping for any more :D..thats largely what this is about. I'm sure many of us already do this, but bringing some fliers with you on a run to a market, shop, any of the places mentioned above, ect, can make for a two-for-one. Posting on a billboard at a local supermarket, another good idea that can be just a simple couple extra steps on a trip.

Riding of a bike, fitted with 9/11 truth, brilliant. A group of riders, even more brilliant. I do believe this is in part why Bloomberg banned more then a certain amount of cyclists riding together in the city, another of our police state measures. But we've got to be bold, and challenge the unjust laws, as well. To speak back specifically on fitting your bike, or a series of bikes..well perhaps a bike riding group could be formed in your local area, bike riding for 9/11 truth perhaps? Set up rides through the heart of neighbhorhoods, and across the city. I do ride, myself, and often with a friend who is also privy to the facts, and will get their take on starting up such
here. Thanks much for the idea share. : )

I love your thinking. The shopping cart idea is great, as well. Might want to bring a couple dvd's and fliers with you, as you may get approached a few times, and
get some interested parties. Someone i work with here will bring dvd's with them when they go to the organic market, give a few out while shopping. Also, often,
when out in such places, on the subway, ect, if i am with another i will strike up a related conversation..knowing well that people tend to tune in. And i'm not quiet about it, either ; ) Sometimes i'll walk into a local corner store to purchase
something, or waiting for a friend who is, and comment on the brainwash of the day on the cover of the paper. Anything to stimulate people and idea's.

I really appreciate the thought and time you put into these idea's, and i hope(and believe) other people who read them will as well. Theres alot that can, could,
and should be implemented : ) Will be quickly giving some a spin myself, and toss these idea's around with others i know. : ) I also want to make a flier with a laundrylist of creative idea's that people have come up with and people in the movement can implement, and hand them to others to give them some ideas they may not have thought of but would want to do. Anything to further expand on our growth in these coming weeks : )

Hi Sweet Sacrifice

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Since 9/11 was a Tuesday,

if people can do one action a week, how about making it on a Tuesday?


Hardly a bad thing. I think it can be healthy, especially as far as establishing a rythm. But i do like the idea more if it is accompanied by a rolling date. Meaning, a tuesday and a thursday one week, maybe a tuesday and a saturday the next, ect. Everyday people tend to have quite a few patterns. They often have a pretty set schedule due to work/school, social life, ect. I'd say by rolling a date, you will ensure you reach people in the area that you may not reach on the tuesday. Thus maximizing the people you reach. What do you think? I definitely dig the symbolism, and appreciate the response :)

Yes a bit of flexibility with the pattern is good

I'd say tuesdays and a weekend day.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Would dig that..

And i think for quite a few this would be most capable per their living. I don't doubt you could get a series of people to work with in such a premise. For many their weekend is far more flexible then their weekday, so i like this as an option. I also particularly like: A tuesday and a weekday/weekend alternating week rotation; A tuesday with a weekend but weekend also defining a friday as a choice as well; A rolling weekday with a rolling weekend; A weekend "still" date, with a rolling weekday; Two rolling days out of each week; and of course..any of the above with a third day mixed in ; ) And i think the options would be fitting from one to the next, depending on the person..so the blend would cover so much more ground. Perhaps for some, they may do one event-perhaps the tuesday event-with a group, and then the other action may be just a couple people or even doing a solo. The possibilities are endless, so i think we can as a mass cover them all : D

Your seriousness and dedication

is exactly what is needed at this juncture. These are proposals that can take us to the next level and create an unstoppable momentum.
Let's DO IT !!

Thankyou much..

Feel so pleased that i can reach people with these idea's, they have been developing in my head and i didn't know where to put them down. The response is exciting. : ) Please pass them along to anyone who you believe may be interested in considering them. They may find something/s in there that exacts thoughts they have been throwing around, or a new way to expand their work. I definitely am and will be putting them into action, and hopefully if alot of people use them and the many other great idea's that i'm sure are out there waiting to happen, it'll really help us see the results we know are possible but can't even imagine. Thanks much again for the kind words, and especially for the interest in putting these into play : )

I agree, time to step it up in terms of regularity

I like the focus on our neighborhoods and folks who might not see us at big intersections or state buildings and the sort.
Throwing in some regular attention to delivering info to the polive, fire, media and other public servants could really make a difference. The SF truthaction group got the video of building 7 coming straight down on their local cbs affiliate through a combination of making contact and doing a few actions outside.

Tuesday is a great day with symbolic resonance to do actions-check my blog entry about a strategic weekly order of "truth tuesdays"

And dont forget a weekly commitment to calling a nationally syndicated radio show and reaching millions potentially- ideas and a link to #'s and shows@

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush


That is something i planned to write on next, but you nailed it right on the head. I've also heard a few others discussing it, which gives me more reason to believe its about to come into fruitation at a much bigger level. We MUST reach the firefighters, police, and military members as well. Absolutely crucial. They are the people the powers that be would like to use to enforce the horrific policies growing every day, particularly of course, the police and military. I'd go as far as to say, if by chance you are friends/family with an FBI/DOD/ect agent, to make sure they have seen all the information. Must take the wheels off the bus, and the firefighters are a crucial part of this as well, because of their high level of societic respect and the fact they have already begun ghostriding Giuliani. If we can encourage some of them to cross the lines and join us, from all the above mentioned parties, can you imagine what would happen? We need to convey to them that we will stand for their pensions, we will stand for their families, we will stand for them. They need to be encouraged to stop their brothers and sisters from rolling in their graves.

The news on the SF action is great. I had heard a snippit about it, but didn't get the whole thing. Gonna have to look into that further, would like to know exactly how they pulled it off. Did they document it, could be a great manual for others around the country : )

Yes, the individual above, George Washington, thought Tuesdays were a great choice for same reason, and i definitely agree with you both. Will be reading your entry on it : )

The calling in to shows has been making some definite achievements. The break-through week that was done earlier this year, had a number of high ratio hits. I believe one case yielded a successful call to a multi-million listener show.(How disturbing that the specific show regularly gets that many listeners.) I'm not great over the phone, so i've hesitated to do it, but have and will again bring the idea to others. May give it a try myself, none the less. Conquered public speaking, can conquer a phone call i suppose : )

Excellent array of ideas, thankyou : ) Please feel free to comment back if you can.

Let's really turn it on high now

I've had pretty good experience with flyering windshields, though I got stopped and warned by a police officer in Beverly Hills on the way home from an action. He said it was against their municipal code, but he was very friendly about it and it gave me the chance to give him a flyer and discuss with him what I was doing. I've found that many police officers (not so much those in riot gear being that I got shot in the back with a rubber bullet at Macarthur Park on May 1st) very much respect your right to free speech as an individual and admire your passion and are willing to be easygoing.

I've seen people pick them up, look them over and get intrigued. I usually pass out the wearchange tri-fold flyer with some additional websites.

I think you are right, SF truthaction could write up a brief playbook on getting the mainstream media to cover this. Also, a member of the San Diego 9-11 truth group got a story written in one of the weeklies by making contact with a reporter. You can find something about it out here on 911 bllogger i think. i forget where though.

My first call in, i was ppretty darn nervous. I've gotten alot better at it over time. Try asking questions that are rhetorical, such as "Which Jihadi do you think planned the 15 wargames on 9-11, some of which mimicked what happened?" Have a little plan. If you talk about the War in Iraq and th War on Terror you can both more easily get by the screener and frame your point as you get into 9-11 Truth.

You seem to have alot of spunk and spirit, are you organizing and posting at all through www.truthaction.org? You could bring some good vibes there.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Let Us Do Just That : )

Mmh, in regards to the windshields, i think odds are it won't be an issue, i do agree with you and DC. It worked out well, in a sense, that you additionally got to talk to the officer about the facts and questions. Odd how things go sometimes.

I remember seeing video from that day, sorry to hear you were one of those who were hit. Horrific, that was one of the more upsetting pieces of video footage i have watched. I do agree that many police officers are not as those, and are worth a chat with. We need them with us, no doubt about it.

What do you say we both email sf truthaction in regards to our interest in a playbook, as you referred to it : ) Our double interest might especially encourage them to get right on it. I want to check out the san diego 9/11 piece you mentioned and perhaps they can be contacted as well. Such documentation could create guides that cause a mass swell of such successes.

Rhetorical questions..have gotten this advice from another person actively calling into shows. Makes alot of sense, and i think having a couple on paper would be a good place for me to start. A few notes, a quick call, something to get me flowing. Once i get to the point where i'm just speaking and get locked in, it flows pretty decently, i feel. Trick with a phone call is they can be quick, so perhaps that a specific challenge i face. How much time do you typically get when you get on the line before they cut you off? And of course, are there instances where they don't?

Thanks so much for this particular advice, as it has been an area i have not been able to actively take part in. All of your ideas and coordination is much appreciated, and excellent.

I can't say i've posted through truthaction.org, but i will make it an immediate priority to check it out. Anywhere where i can be useful and spread idea's, i'm all for. Thanks : )

I'm really pleased about all the communication. It's really positive and it's giving me more motivation and drive. So thankyou for that, as well as the others here..hope to keep this dialog going and expanding, unfolding into so much action.

A couple extra notes: Got out to Union Square Park yesterday, had a pretty successful outreach with the organization i work with. Last two weeks, we've had but one visibly negative response-this has been a pretty amazing sign. And we are developing relations there with regular visitors to the park who are interested, having great extended conversations, and that is yet another form of community that i think is great to strive for. Union Sq Park is our weekly "still" spot. That can be one benefit of having a still spot, each week. So that can certainly vouch for a variation having one still day, with a rolling day, as discussed above. Oh the possibilities.
Also got out to Shea Stadium the night before and got some fliers out on the subway platform. I had conversation with some angry ny'ers about the failing state of the state, and some excellent conversation and distribution on the train, all with the help of a friend : ) Better reaction then expected. Tomorrow i'm going to be putting together some signs, and will be taking intiative to make a major visual connection with passing drivers on some brooklyn parkways this tuesday. Printing up fliers, then over to the library, post office; a church, synagogue center, and laundrymat on monday. Post office by the way, is a great spot as well...fliers can be inserted in the empty slots where the postage materials are held. A couple can also be scattered on the materials desk. That area is in constant use throughout the day, and people tend to be very observative around the materials table, due to care of their envelopes/packages.
Thanks so much, again : )

In terms of music

Check out our Hip hop/Reggae group's first video for a song called "Bridge." www.libraproject.com

Not overtly 9-11 Truthy, but you get the feeling. I'm working on a more specific 9-11 Truth song right now with a member from our LA group and personally I am helping channel a rap song by GDub Bush, which should be finished by September 11th. It's hard to get the decider to rap on time.

I'm beginning to bring music into my street actions sometimes. Distribute lit and talk for a bit and then play some sax for a bit. it seems to go over well.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Much Thanks,

Will gladly check it out this evening when i have sound, and email you guys about it. Glad to promote anything that is of quality and related. Am interested in your related projects as well. Will discuss further when i email you, but get doubya on the move ; )

Definitely..Definitely bring music in when ever you can. It is huge element of connecting with the phsyche. And it sure draws crowds. Glad to see you are already implimenting that, i have been preparing myself and seeking others to work with for the same. I am working on a project directly tied in, which is called The Musical Truth And Peace Outfit, if we can exchange emails sometimes soon perhaps i can share and you may have interest in coordinating across the distance : ) Thanks much again for sharing your music.

Don't forget police windshields

Somepoint this fall I think we're gonna need to figure out something for DC. and music and theater need to be a part of it.

Send me an email through the blogger, I accept them.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

Won't forget them ; )

I agree. I would love to see a multi-day mass convergence on DC before winter hits. I really would. Who knows, maybe we'll even achieve more then that. Generate conversation ; )

Will definitely send you an email, thankyou.