Tillman Death: 3 Bullets to the Forehead from 10 Yards Away

[UPDATE: According to a recommended diary at Daily Kos:

"Wesley Clark was on and believes that the orders came from the very top as Tillman was a political symbol. It was well known he was against the war in Iraq. No indication if orders were to murder him, but at the least to cover it up (Burned clothes- lost evidence etc)

I'm not speculating at this point. But I saw in another diary where they claimed executive Privilege in the Tillman case. It's starting to look beyond bad."

I tracked down the Clark interview. It can be viewed here (I'm actually at a computer without a sound card, so I can't verify that Daily Kos got the quote right -- let me know)].

The following Associated Press story caught my eye:

"Army medical examiners were suspicious about the close proximity of the three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead . . . .

Ultimately, the Pentagon did conduct a criminal investigation, and asked Tillman's comrades whether he was disliked by his men and whether they had any reason to believe he was deliberately killed.


The documents show that a doctor who autopsied Tillman's body was suspicious of the three gunshot wounds to the forehead. The doctor said he took the unusual step of calling the Army's Human Resources Command and was rebuffed. He then asked an official at the Army's Criminal Investigation Division if the CID would consider opening a criminal case.


Investigators also asked soldiers and commanders whether Tillman was disliked, whether anyone was jealous of his celebrity, or if he was considered arrogant. They said Tillman was respected, admired and well-liked.

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war critic

My understanding (Democracy Now!) was that Tillman was an Iraq war critic. Read the current Nation magazine to get first hand accounts of the brutality of the American Army/Marines in Iraq. I'm afraid we have a moron army led by corporate suck-ups.

did i miss something?

Where is he saying it was false flag?

Tillman's death was sold as a 'hero dies for the cause' at first. So in a way the death of Pat Tillman was a false-flag where the perps like Rumsfeld didn't have to plan his death, just had to take advantage of it.

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You did miss something. He changed the title. Thank you GW for changing the title.

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He apparently became...

...a fan of Noam Chomsky, planned on meeting him after his tour of duty -- there is one probable motive for the foul play. Can you imagine him, set as an example by neo-cons, after his tour of duty hanging out with Chomsky and throwing some serious dirt on Bush and the whole war effort? Political damage would have been huge.

ESPN Report Interviewed Fellow Soldiers Involved

I saw an interview about 1 year ago in which Tillmans fellow soldiers involved in canyon convoy incident described what for all intents and purposes was a case of mistaken identity in the middle of an intense firefight in which I believe Tillman accidentally drew friendly fire by firing his weapon while alongside an ally in Afghan dress.

Unless these nearly half dozen or so soldiers were lying, I think Tillmans death was an accident initiated by gunfire from his location resulting in panicked return gunfire.

3 shots

3 shots to the forehead is pretty deliberate and difficult to achieve in a panicked situation.

10 yards away."The Central

10 yards away. i would also note to the people here saying things like "not everything is a false flag, this makes us look bad etc.", his own mother happens to think that he was murdered and has said as much before. guess shes making us "look bad" too huh?

Keith Olbermann: Well, we have assumed from the beginning that that was exactly the scenario that this possibility that his, his death from friendly fire would, would somehow effect, in some way that neither of us able- ever been able to understand, somehow effect people's appreciation for his patriotism and sacrifice. Does it not begin to look more and more like that, that we were going the wrong direction in this, that they were not trying to protect something, something slightly negative from coming out, but in fact coming- protecting the accusation that his mother has made and has not gotten a lot of attention to that, that perhaps he was indeed murdered? Were we, were, were we actually underestimating what was being covered up here?


"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

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ABCNEWS EXCLUSIVE: Army to Punish Officers in Tillman Case

Army to Punish Officers in Tillman Case


July 26, 2007
"ABC News has learned that seven Army officers will receive career-ending administrative punishments for mishandling the Pat Tillman case. The Army has decided not to punish three other officers who had been accused of wrongdoing by the Pentagon inspector general. "

Three bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead and...

"None of the officers will face criminal charges."

"The most severe punishment is planned for Lt. Gen. Philip Kensinger. Kensinger is accused of misleading investigators about when he knew the truth about circumstances surrounding Tillman's death."

Vee vaz ownling followink odors. He vanted to tawk vis dat skunklink, Chompsky.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

In case I forgot...

...but, then how would I friggin' know until tomorrow.

EXCLUSIVE: Army to Punish Officers in Tillman Case


"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

what am I missing here ? how

what am I missing here ? how is it related to 9-11 in any way ?
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you are right

i totaly agree with you. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with 9/11
Don't turn this site like prisonplanet or something (i like prisonplanet, but this is a 9/11 blog)


Pat Tillman's story is part of:

PS. Anyone know where to find that (odd) movie in HQ?

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Three gunshots to the forehead

Doesn't look good. I'm no weapons expert, but three bullets to the forehead doesn't sound like random friendly fire to me.

I had no idea Tillman opposed the war. Thanks for the update.

New Evidence Clearly

New Evidence Clearly Indicates Pat Tillman Was Executed
Army medical examiners concluded Tillman was shot three times in the head from just 10 yards away, no evidence of "friendly fire" damage at scene, Army attorneys congratulated each other on cover-up, Wesley Clark concludes "orders came from the very top" to murder pro-football star because he was about to become an anti-war political icon

Astounding new details surrounding the death of Pat Tillman clearly indicate that top brass decided to execute the former pro football star in cold blood to prevent him from returning home and becoming an anti-war icon.

These same criminals then engaged in a sophisticated conspiracy to create a phony "friendly fire" cover story.

Shocking new facts emerged about the case last night but were bizarrely underplayed by the Associated Press under nondescript headlines like 'New Details on Tillman's Death' - a complete disservice to the horrific implications that the new evidence carries.

So there was no evidence whatsoever of friendly fire, but the ballistics data clearly indicated that the three head shots had been fired from just 10 yards away and then the Army tried to concoct a hoax friendly fire story and sent gloating back-slapping e mails congratulating each other on their success while preventing the doctors from exploring the possibility of murder. How can any sane and rational individual weigh this evidence and not come to the conclusion that Tillman was deliberately gunned down in cold blood?

As far back as March 2003, immediately after the invasion, Tillman famously told his comrade Spc. Russell Baer, "You know, this war is so fucking illegal," and urged his entire platoon to vote against Bush in the 2004 election. Far from the gung-ho gruff stereotype attributed to him, Tillman was actually a fiercely intellectual man with the courage of his convictions firmly in place.

Tillman had even begun to arrange meetings with anti-war icons like Noam Chomsky upon his return to America before his death cut short any aspirations of becoming a focal point for anti-war sentiment.

The notion that the U.S. government gave orders for Army top brass to execute Pat Tillman in cold blood is the most damaging indictment of the Iraq war since it began, trumping the lies about weapons of mass destruction tenfold, but if the establishment media continue to soft-peddle and steam-valve one of the biggest stories of the century its impact will be completely diluted.

It is up to us to make this story go viral because the implications are so dire that they could act as the final death knell for the blood-soaked and illegal occupation of Iraq and become the clarion call to bring our troops home.


"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA