Who Owns The Property At Ground Zero?

As you can see by this letter written by the families, they are still having problems getting the city to agree to hold this year's memorial service at Ground Zero.

Does anyone know if the property is privately, publicly, or Government owned? I have been asked to find this out, and any help would be appreciated.

Isn't it owned by the Port

Isn't it owned by the Port Authority and leased to Silverstien? There is an article about the Port Authority here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Authority_of_New_York_and_New_Jersey

Thank you...

The Port Authority

From what I recall, the Port Authority originally owned an office building on part of the property that came with the acquisition of an old railroad company. When the NJ governor insisted the complex be built on the West side of the island and include a transit hub, the Port Authority decided to expand their existing property by claiming eminent domain on most of the 'Radio Row' neighborhood. So yeah, definitely public property... but given it's status as a construction site, I'm not sure if that changes anything for the memorial...