About that WTC7 Corner Shot...

This is a follow up to a blog entry from back in April, that called on 9/11 researchers to petition NIST to provide a copy of the source file for the infamous WTC7 corner shot that was used in the "Part IIC - WTC 7 Collapse" section of the "NIST Response to the World Trade Center Disaster".

At least one FOIA request was initiated, but unfortunately, NIST was unable to comply. It turns out that the digital file embedded in the PDF/PPT presentation is all they have, according to a telephone conversation with Catherine Fletcher of NIST. (The person who filed the FOIA request spoke with Fletcher.) This raises some questions.

Did anyone at NIST check the EXIF data for this photo (which appears to be missing from the PDF copy) which would indicate a time-stamp and other details essential for provenance? Shouldn't this be standard procedure? Can anyone go ahead and submit "evidence" to NIST and not have to worry about ever having to provide an original?

Anyhow, the call goes out again to 9/11 researchers to petition the NYPD for a copy of the original source file, with intact EXIF data, which should lay to rest speculation that the photo was altered in any way. If you have contacts at the NYPD, please use them.

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One more stone unturned...

Many thanks to whomever sent the FOIA request...

It's atleast good to have their official replies on the record for posterity....

Best wishes and good luck to all

Thanks For The Update, No Shocks Here Most Would Agree, But

we need to address these things, as people are, and go through verification processes. Anyone who tries to say we are about speculation and crazy theory, rather then facts and indepth research, well this is another point out to them that they are lying to themselves and others. The presentation on the photo comparisons demonstrating that the mentioned photo, and others, did not match up in the least, was a pretty good entry by whomever did it(was it you, by chance?). If you haven't caught that, make a quick search for it. Or maybe someone can link up to it. I will certainly try to come back with the link to it. Good update, thankyou.

I did a fairly extensive

I did a fairly extensive analysis of the WTC7 corner damage a few months back.


Please watch my movie: WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

well done

thank you for the excellent presentation and photo comparisons

Could a FOIA request be sent

Could a FOIA request be sent to the NYPD?

F as in Federal

The 'F' in FOIA is for Federal, as you know. That surely means it does not cover city or state items or data storehouses.

Presumably, there are state and city versions of this statute? But these will probably differ from city to city and state to state, with some places not having any similar statute at all.

However, the law says that we the people own everything. All of it is paid for by us... and supposedly for us too.

By that rule, the people of NY own all records held by the NYPD. The people own former Mayor Giuliani's records too, which he somehow impounded from public view. Or so I have read.

So I doubt it will be easy to compel the NYPD to relinquish their original photographs here. I hope some lawyers among us can figure out (and also mount) a challenge.

I appreciate your input, but...

The 'F' actually stands for "Freedom"


I realized that after sending in the post. Too late!

Anyway, the FOIA is indeed a Federal law. Right?

I believe it came about in the aftermath of Nixon's Watergate mess, with near impeachment averted by his resignation. Congress wrote the law. Presumably, President Ford signed it into effect.


These websites as well as a whole host of others details non-federal uses of the FOIA:



Thanks for the links

One of the links goes to the US Postal Service. I couldn't find anything about non-Federal uses of the FOIA there, but there is lots about how to file an FOIA request.

The other link needs repair in your post, but the underlying site is obvious in it. I went out there, and found the section that you probably meant to link to. Here it is, with a comment from me below it:
7. Use The Freedom of Information Act.

There’s a powerful state law on the books called the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and this can be your key to the doors of government. FOIA’s basic purpose is to ensure that the business of government is done out in the open. It requires public notice of all meetings of government bodies, gives the public the right to attend those meetings, and makes government documents and records available for review. Find out when the meetings are and start attending some of them. You will learn a lot.

You can also file an “FOIA request” and obtain all of the documents relating to a particular project or issue. There are some exemptions, but the burden is on the government to justify them. FOIA is easy to use. Send a letter (certified is best) and simply say: “Pursuant to the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request all documents, written materials and communications of any nature (including e-mail messages) relating in any way to [describe the issue or project you are concerned about].” The government has to respond in 15 days. They can charge you for reviewing and copying the documents, but you also have the right to go to their office and review the materials and decide then what you want to copy. I am astonished at how rarely citizens exercise their rights under FOIA. It can provide a wonderful window into the world of government decision-making. Use it!

I gather from this that South Carolina, at least, has its own FOIA.

Folks interested in 9-11 truth should investigate their own states for the same. Does New York have an FOIA?

Where do you get that the F

Where do you get that the F in FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) stands for Federal? Im not sure if it only applies to Federal agencies and Im missing something but I am 100% sure the F stands for Freedom not Federal. Im not calling you out just trying to learn something.

“No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”
-- President James Madison


It stands for Freedom, obviously. My error.

A poster above gives links for instances of it being used in non-Federal situations. It will be good to study those links, since we may be able to make use of it? one hopes.

I also have filed a FOIA

I also have filed a FOIA request, with the help of my local congressman. Maybe that will help, though if they truly don't have the photo then I suppose it won't help at all. Nevertheless, I have been doing research of my own trying to figure out where this photo came from, and there is a book called "Above Hallowed Ground" which features many pictures taken from the NYPD helicopter by now-retired Detective Dave Fitzpatrick. The sleeve of the book says on it, "Over the course of three flights that day, Fitzpatrick shot thousands of photographs that became the only aerial views of the devastation and early rescue efforts downtown." I called the NYPD photo unit several days back to ask if they had pictures from the book/any others. They told me that the New York Police Foundation possessed the photos that were used in that book. Now, I am thinking they may also have other pictures, considering "[Dave's] best photos, along with those of numerous other members of the NYPD, have been collected in this book." I still have to call the Foundation, but if anyone has any connections, that would be any better. We would probably have to be willing to make a somewhat significant contribution as well for them to provide us with copies of the photos with timestamps or otherwise- they are the only entity allowed to collect money on behalf of the New York City Police Department and as such, we should recompense them. The police officers deserve our support. So. Anyone know anyone or live in/around New York that is willing to pay them a visit if they are willing to help us?

What a great job you did

What a great job you did with debunking the NIST's misleading photo of the damage done to the corner of wtc7. Honestly, you put together a serious presentation which clearly shows the Official fraud. Thank you for this.

How to Make a FOIA Request


How to Make a FOIA Request


The National Security Archive User's Guide to the FOIA

Tips and Tricks to Using the FOIA

Sample Freedom of Information Act Letter

Sample Freedom of Information Act Appeal Letter

Principal Agency FOIA Contacts

The Memory Hole - FOIA Case Logs

Every federal agency, department, and office that responds to Freedom of Information Act requests keeps logs of the requests it receives. (A small number of units claim that they don't, but they're using a hypertechnical definition of log to avoid release.) This page will post the FOIA case logs from as many of these federal units as possible, as received by The Memory Hole and others. Keep checking back, as it will be continuously updated.

Case logs are helpful because they let you see what other people have requested. This can give you ideas for your own requests, and it can help your request's chances of getting processed more quickly and cheaply, since the request has already been processed (or is being processed) for someone else.

Files are listed below in alphabetical order by name of agency, department, or office. (The name of each unit is hyperlinked to that unit's Website.) Newest additions are noted in the box at the top of this page.

That photo doesn't help the official theory anyway

Supposing that photo's genuine. So what? It would certainly make it less implausible that the building fell down...BUT...if the alleged corner damage had caused it, the building would have toppled over in the direction of the place where the damage was. It wouldn't have gone straight down into its footprints--that's pretty much impossible from accidental causes for a building much taller than wide. And it wouldn't have come down in free fall time--the early stages of collapse would have been slow. And it wouldn't have ended up in a tidy pile of dust. There would have been recognizable, albeit smashed up, floors at the bottom.

Don't get me wrong--it's really important to find out the truth of this photo, or lack thereof, to try to understand what really happened on 9/11 in as much detail as possible. But the official story of WTC7 is DOA regardless.