big day for Wisconsin 9/11 truth radio tomorrow

Two breakthrough radio shows tomorrow, Monday, July 30th!

12 noon, WORT 89.9 FM Madison, Norm Stockwell will have Dave Von Kleist on his Public Affair show. Dave Von Kleist is the director of In Plane Site and the brand-new 9/11 Ripple Effect. He will be presenting at the Science of 9/11 conference in Madison August 3rd-5th:
Call in at 608-256-2001 to join the conversation with Norm and Dave. Norm is the most influential political/news person at WORT and he's a great guy--if WORT's 9/11 coverage hasn't been what it should be, that isn't Norm's fault. Some of the other folks at WORT are the problem. Let's give Norm and WORT lots of positive feedback for this.

3-5 pm, GCN I will be interviewing Ed Thompson, amazingly successful Libertarian candidate for governor in 2002, and possibly Wisconsin's most popular politician. Ed supported me against the Nass brigade last summer--at first citing freedom of speech, then looking into 9/11 himself and saying we obviously have a problem here and need a new investigation. He says that if neither his brother Tommy nor Ron Paul win the Republican nomination for president, he just might.... Well, tune in tomorrow and find out! This is going to be a news-making interview. Remember, you heard it here first.
GCN call-in number: 800-259-5791