East Anglia Truth at Eastern Haze

East Anglia Truth at the Eastern Haze Festival

Well, the sunshine finally broke through amidst the downpours and following a complete washout on the Friday, Truth was allowed to emerge at the Eastern Haze festival in Somerleyton, Suffolk last weekend. Having resigned to a day of watching the rain from the marquee, we were thankful that the weather changed to allow the festival's 10,000+ attendants to roam free - with the Sunday bringing a beautiful day of warm sunshine and subsequently many visitors to the East Anglia Truth area.


Whilst ex MI5 officer and whistleblower, Annie Mahon, provided the public with a chance to hear a first hand account of her interesting observations during her time with the intelligence services, as well as details on 9/11, the `Truth` tent acted as an information centre with a display board containing important details relating to 9/11, as well as an in-house cinema. Also available were DVDs, books, magazines, stickers and leaflets and whilst we haven't yet completed a final count, hundreds of DVDs and leaflets were distributed during the weekend.

During the Saturday night, anybody within viewing distance of the Truth tent should have witnessed our outdoor cinema – consisting of a car parked inside the tent containing a laptop and projector and with audio connected up to the car speakers. The white screen was placed at the front of the tent and "The British Broadcasting Conspiracy" looped throughout the night. Fortunately, being adjacent to the beer tent and directly opposite the acoustic stage which accommodated headline act the "Levellers" that night, it was guaranteed an audience – well done to Anthony for that moment of inspiration!

It is worth noting that the general level of awareness at the festival was certainly above the norm and very little negativity was encountered. In the main, those that were not aware of the 9/11 issues were open to discussing them and there seemed to be a general mistrust of the media and governments regardless.

Subsequently, we were especially encouraged when approached by another non-profit organisation with an invitation to a festival taking place in September. Whilst their core interest is not directly related to 9/11 and false flag terrorism, having more of a spiritual basis, having seen what we are about, they stated their interest in having representation from the Truth movement. This is extremely positive as it is this building of bridges between interest groups and communities which we feel is vital and is one of the aims of our group.

So, in essence, we had a very productive weekend and we look forward to the next and if you or your organization would like East Anglia Truth to have a presence at a festival or gathering, please feel free to contact ianb@eastangliatruth.com and we will be happy to discuss this.

There are more photos of the Eastern Haze festival posted in the pics section of our MySpace profile at www.myspace.com/eastangliatruth

And to all the great people that we met during the weekend, a big thank you for contributing towards us having a wonderful weekend. We hope to see you again soon.

Best Wishes,
East Anglia Truth

P.S. Thank you to Carl, Mark, Gaz, Di, Matty, Ian B, Ian H, John, Phil, Anthony, Andy, Annie – Great work you guys!