General Strike Flyer Attached Below - 4"x6" @ 300dpi - Jpeg - Suitable for print
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Great job

I'll spread the word. Even limited results will help spread the message.


I am in...and whoever it was that downvoted this're a punk.

nicely done. The Eleventh

Tees? Cafepress?

Great job!

Can Tees be made and sold? I'd get one in a heartbeat.

Could this artwork be put on That would be an easy way to distribute things in all formats.


Can you put this stuff on

That way we can all get all the apparel we want.

go for it !

go for it !


We're working on some graphics and a simple web page to promote this as well. Will post as soon as they're ready!

International Truth Movement

Discuss this idea...organize!

People are encouraged to join the conversation on our forum about the General Strike:

International Truth Movement

We need to get this on every

We need to get this on every group, please contact your local meetup group, when the word spreads people will need to know where to find the specifics, Time and Place. the meetup groups are a great place to start, also make sure your local group knows about this call to action! Apply this action to whatever you where already planing for 9-11-07

duty is ours, consequences belong to god

Sell you stocks !

Trading has become popular and there is a wonderful way to make your point... Sell all your stocks on 9/11 !!

Where's the eps?

' 4"x6" @ 300dpi - Jpeg - Suitable for print '

Yeah, suitable for printing at 4 inches by 6 inches!

Come on, this is 9/11 Truth we're talking about here. I'm guessing (betting?) this was designed as vector art, so it should easily scale to any size. The bigger the better, eh? It is supposed to be viral, isn't it?

I'm down with the general strike, certainly. But you know I'll be at Ground Zero, or perhaps the Blue Loft, all day anyway.

Big ups on the design though, it looks great.
I've already seen it spread across some sites on the web.

* awaiting downloadable eps or pdf *


Very nice job Indeed.

Boycott is one the powers the people still have. I'll pass the word as well.

Wouldn't it be great if a nation wide boycott could be implemented for a week or two?

We are in.

Here in Austn will be on 9/11/2007 at UT (University of Texas) and students from that campus
will join us to our movement "".

ps: I'd like to say "god help us" .......but fi we don't do ANYTHING god will NOT do anything for us.