Sheila Samples: Something Happened on 9-11

Something Happened on 9-11

by Sheila Samples

Strange how something happens and you're unaware that it "registers" with you. Later, perhaps, something will trigger that buried memory and things begin to fall into place.

Something happened on 9-11.

The day began with CNN's Wolf Blitzer frantically reporting that planes had smashed into Buildings 1 and 2 of the World Trade Center. They stood there, so tall that the smoke billowing from their upper floors could be seen for 20 miles. The scene was shocking, grisly, and the horror was broken only by the further news that a plane had rammed into the Pentagon. Death and destruction everywhere. Happening now -- right before our eyes.

In an amazing "Breaking News" alert, CNN Pentagon reporter Jamie McEntyre shot down Blitzer's "plane hit the Pentagon" report. McEntyre said flatly, "Although it may appear that way, from my close-up inspection, there is NO evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon. The only pieces left are small enough you can pick them up in your hand. There are no pieces lying around that would indicate a plane crashed into the side of the Pentagon."

Whoop! Happening now...Quick! Back to Ground Zero...Just in time to see WTC 2, then WTC 1, sink eerily into their own footprints -- tons and tons of cement blasting instantly into a fine powder, rolling majestically through the streets like an Iraqi sandstorm. Anyone who had ever seen one -- even one -- controlled demolition knew without a doubt what he had just witnessed. But no time for that -- yet another plane had rammed into a Pennsylvania field with such force there was just a smoking pit at the site with the debris scattered over an eight-mile area...

But wait! Don't ask! Still happening now! We're treated to yet another controlled demolition display when WTC 7, struck by no plane, inexplicably collapsed in exactly the same fashion as the first two buildings.

Within hours, CNN had pinned this four-pronged attack on our "homeland" on Saudi billionnaire and former CIA operative Osama Bin Laden, and was parading the photographs of 19 terrorists -- 15 from Saudi Arabia -- non-stop across our TV screens. Never mind that in the ensuing weeks, most of them were found alive and well and minding their own business in various parts of the world. For now, they are vicious killers, four of them wannabe pilots who flunked out of flight school, and conveniently left their flight manuals in their cars at the airport.

Then, according to Blitzer, these amazing Boeing stunt pilots, armed with deadly box cutters, evaded multiple layers of airport security, outsmarted the entire intercept and identification operations of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), and destroyed 2,974 innocent human beings.

It wasn't long until McEntyre, his feet back on the ground and marching orders in hand, responded to Blitzer's question about his earlier comments -- "Web sites often take statements out of context, such as the exchange from CNN, in which I, myself appear to be questioning whether a plane really hit the building. In fact, Wolf," McEntyre continued, while rapidly pulling my trigger, "I was answering a question about an eyewitness account that a plane had crashed short of the Pentagon, and I was making the point that, no, not near the Pentagon. The only plane that crashed was at the Pentagon."

That's what happened on 9-11. Throughout the day, Blitzer narrated each step over and over again -- a grisly, staccato date-rape drug seared into our national consciousness...unimaginable heartbreak...horror like none we've ever seen before...devastating grief...incredible force of crashing airplanes...unbelievable horror...people running for their lives in desperation through massive debris...Stay tuned -- dramatic new pictures of people being swallowed by the smoke and flames...happening now...

By the time the sun set, our absentee president concluded his day-long zig-zag dash from one hidey-hole to another, and was back at the helm of this shaken nation whose citizens, thanks in large part to CNN, were in the throes of universal post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That evening, in his address to a paralyzed world, Bush, leaving no doubt he was answering the call of the Almighty, declared war on the terrorists. That evening, Bush, and those like Dick Cheney who control him, began waging war on the terrified.

With the enthusiastic support of CNN, Bush has relentlessly used the singed flesh of the people slaughtered on 9-11 to justify the monstrous lies that took us into war, and the lies that keep us there. Since that day he has ruled through signing statements and Executive Orders, setting himself above the US Constitution, the Justice System, the entire government. He IS the law -- the Decider, the Priveleged Executive, the Tyrant.

Some say one branch of our corporate mainstream media is neither better nor worse than the other branches. I disagree. Perhaps it's because CNN is the Ministry of Truth's chief operative, panting for war, death, and profit, lying -- "catapaulting Bush's propatanda," -- while portraying itself as "The Most Trusted Name in News." Or maybe it's just when the Mockingbirds come home to roost, they all seem to light on the CNN branch.

CNN is very adept at transmitting fear and lies, fradulent polls, and false-flag alarms over and over and over again to cover up the crimes, treason and mass murder committed by the Bush administration. Blitzer rigidly controls what is aired -- spun -- on CNN as news in his "Situation Room" in the late afternoon and evening. The rest of the 24-hour cycle is spent in news-team giggling, vacuous coverage of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and sex predators on the MySpace website. Did you know that yesterday there was an explosion in Dallas, a truck turned over in North Carolina, peanuts can kill you, obesity is contagious, and a cat roaming the halls of a nursing home points out who is next to die?

But this absurd little Machiavellian fool and the servile CNN courtiers who obediently spin his stupid slogans fail to realize that our freedom is not theirs to destroy. Our children are not Bush's, as political philosopher Etienne de la Boetie so eloquently wrote in 1552-1553, "to be led into his battles, to be delivered to butchery, to be made the servants of his greed and the instruments of his vengeance."

Something happened on 9-11 -- something so horrible that the American people acquiesced for a time in their own subjection.

They will not succumb to their own destruction. Enough is enough.

Well Said

Very well said!!

I hope she's right about the people not succumbing to their own destruction. I haven't had much luck convincing the majority that they're lemmings, as of yet. I'm afraid that it will be too late before most of them are ready to accept the sad news; they're living in the New World Order.

Who is Sheila Samples?

Who is Sheila Samples?

Sheila Samples is an

Sheila Samples is an Oklahoma writer and a former civilian US Army Public Information Officer.

"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Great Story

With quite a bit of truth thrown in there for effect.
We've been hornswaggled, balleyhooed, dipfooey'd, and blindsided by obfuscation from the White House for quite some time now, with a little help from their friends, as implied -CNN.

Tell us what you really think

Nice editorial, but don't you really think that Bush was the right president to protect America after the attacks of 911? Just kidding.

While your editorial may help galvanize opinions of those more or less already aware of the problems in the official conspiracy theory that leads us to call for a real investigation into 911, the strong language will probably "turn off" those not educated about 911 or the fence sitters.

A point of clarification re your statement: " Never mind that in the ensuing weeks, most of them were found alive and well and minding their own business in various parts of the world." I don't think that most of the patsy hijackers were found alive later, some were but weren't the others simply unconfirmed reports?

A key point about the hijackers were that their names were not listed on the passenger lists. Since all dead passengers (at least for the Pentagon) were supposedly (according to government sources) identified through DNA testing of their remains that rules out that the hijackers were using aliases. So how did they all get onto the air planes without being on the passenger lists? By asking Americans to overlook that point is implying that Americans are dumb enough to believe the Arabs simply sneaked onto the planes undetected.

The Twins & 7 were not demolished in "exactly the same fashion"

.....the Towers "exploded" outward in a "banana peel" effect from the top down, while 7 was a classic "implosion", taking out the central columns first and then destroying the building from the bottom with explosions.

The both did, however, come down in their own footprint, minimizing the damage to surrounding buildings....especially 7's demolition....

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars