- New Radio Ad calls for Activism on 9/11/07

"Cheney and Chertoff are warning us of another 9/11 attack in the U.S. this summer. A new false-flag event—a pretext to attack Iran—could plunge America into dictatorship and martial law, and the world into nuclear war.

It's time to confront the cancer of deception and corruption within our government, and to stop the ruthless war machine.

A tidal wave of truth seekers is rising in America—united by purpose, not politics—that will descend on New York City and Washington DC, and throughout the country on September 11th, to honor the victims of 9/11 and of the wars that followed.

Join the new revolution—before it's too late!"

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Awesome promo!!

I just bought 4 versions of this song (Adagio for Strings) last week to use in a DVD I was trying to put together, whoever made this totally read my mind.

Trying to stop it coming thru NOBLE RESOLVE - Portland, Aug. '07

DeFazio chases secret terror-crisis plan
Homeland security - After the White House denies access, the Web buzzes with conspiracy chatter

Saturday, July 28, 2007
The Oregonian Staff

WASHINGTON -- Peter DeFazio won't take no for an answer.

After conspiracy theorists fanned the Internet with their outrage, the Oregon congressman renewed his push Friday to gain access to the classified portion of a White House plan to operate the government after a terrorist attack.


Sirs/Mss: This is an open letter to The Oregonian Editorial Staff, regarding the recent article, cited above...

After the White House denies access, the Web buzzes with conspiracy chatter - clearly the most shop-worn attempt The Oregonian editors could muster to prompt your average reader to skip the article - 3rd-rail-conspiracy-theory chimera. In light of this, let's not forget the Official Conspiracy Theory (bin Laden, the cave, the laptop, the 19 patsies - literally the most incredible of all 911 conspiracy theories), and the one cited almost daily by Washington's War Party and its leaders, i.e "the lessons of 9/11," - cited at every new escalation of their expeditionary war, the stripping of every additional constitutional right and the primary excuse for their global torture gulag. Indeed the War Party that's lied about everything, except 911?!?!?

Also resonating through the media now are numerous warnings of a new 911 (Cheney, Chertoff, Santorum, etc.) - details here

As for Portland, NOBLE RESOLVE is coming, including "exercises" in War on Terror scenarios, about which we are being given virtually no information. It has been learned that a suitcase nuke scenario is a possibility, and many see in this as an opportunity for another false flag event (911-2B).

We also now have NSPD 51, signed on 5/10/07. There are real concerns over NSPD-51 (National Security Presidential Directive 51 and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 20 ) - document here

The really troubling part is (23) Annex A and the classified Continuity Annexes, attached hereto, are hereby incorporated into and made a part of this directive. & (24) Security. This directive and the information contained herein shall be protected from unauthorized disclosure, provided that, except for Annex A, the Annexes attached to this directive are classified and shall be accorded appropriate handling, consistent with applicable Executive Orders. This, it seems, is what is being denied examination by Representative DeFazio.

The Oregonian seemingly refuses to investigate or write about NOBLE RESOLVE or NSPD-51 in any detail, and persists in dismissing even an elected Congressman, through intimation of manipulation by internet "conspiracy theorists," again...a 3rd-rail chimera.

As for drills like NOBLE RESOLVE, It must be remembered that on 9/11/01 over 15 military drills were running, one of which was designed to simulate exactly what happed at the Pentagon. About this, on one military command center recording is heard, "...I've never seen so much real-world stuff in one of these drills." And, on 07/07/05 the London Tube bombing came exactly when and where a drill simulating exactly what happened was in progress. About that, the director of the drill told the BBC, " was chilling."

Though it is fully expected that you will dismiss this, exactly as per blanket proscriptions against anything on this topic, my advise to you is this: think about who upon your staff are the most likely CIA or NSA operatives (media moles), learn their August vacation schedules, then use your best judgement about where you want to be while they're out of town.

You must remember this:

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns anyone of any significance in the major media." - Former CIA Director William Colby

"Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State" - James Jesus Angleton, Head of CIA Counter Intelligence 1954-1974

Jack Gabel

Radio spots edited for 60-sec slots

I've edited down the actindependent radio ads to 60 seconds for convenient radio scheduling.

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