Terror Drills in different communities

The following was posted by my friend, Styve. There is one simple fact about terror drills. Terror drills place the host community at risk of another 9/11. That will be my focus from now on.

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Date: 2007-07-29, 5:23PM PDT


Portland is scheduled to host two terrorism drills, run by Dept. of Homeland Security, during the months of August and October. You may have read that Peter DeFazio, an Oregon congressman, was denied access to some classified DHS information pertaining to Bush's Continuity of Government, and he is still pushing for that access. He is a member of the DHS oversight committee, so when we put two and two together...we are very concerned that these terror drills could be used to mask a false flag operation that Bush/Cheney could use to justify an attack on Iran. See http://911blogger.com/node/10275, for the letter that we sent and some other information.

Just met a guy who said that there had been recent terror drills in the Seattle-Tacoma area, and I thought what a great way to get some inside scoop on the nature of the exercises. We are trying to solicit whistleblowers working in the state government offices, to be our eyes and ears if some planning seems to be funky. Ideally, we would like a Portland Citizens' Oversight committee, but every bit of movement toward transparency, when dealing with a corrupt administration such as BushCo, should help to possibly stave off another false flag event, like 911.

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Thanks for your interest and assistance.