Ed Thompson Announces He Is Considering Running for President as Pro-9/11 Truth Candidate

Tomah, WI
Monday 7/30/07

Ed Thompson, the most successful Wisconsin third party candidate since Fighting Bob LaFollette and the Progressives, says he may run for president as a pro-9/11-truth candidate in 2008.

Thompson discussed his potential run today on the Dynamic Duo radio show, http://gcnlive.com. If neither his brother Tommy Thompson nor fellow truth-seeker Ron Paul get the Republican nomination, Thompson said, "somebody will have to do it."

Informed that Ron Paul had spoken out for a new 9/11 investigation, while cautioning that a change of administrations wouldn't solve the 9/11 problem overnight, Thompson said "Why not? Why wait for an investigation?" He insisted that a new, truly independent investigation staffed by 9/11 truth-seekers--"people like you, Kevin"-- should happen ASAP.

Thompson passionately expressed his sense that the nation is in dire straits, that the war must end and the truth must out, and that the major parties are incapable of facing the crisis. "The people are afraid of you, Kevin--they're afraid you may be right (about 9/11)," Thompson said, adding that he had watched several 9/11 truth videos and found them extremely disturbing.

Thompson also spoke of his own spiritual crisis, how he had once been suffering from extreme depression and suddenly encountered "the light" and the knowledge that love was the ultimate reality. He suggested that the USA is approaching a very dark crisis and will only survive if enough people realize that we need to love each other, not demonize, hate and kill. He wondered aloud why a powerful country like the USA, surrounded by oceans and unthreatening neighbors, needs to pursue "defense" by killing people all over the world.

Thompson, who polled 11% of the vote as a Libertarian in the 2002 Wisconsin gubernatorial race, agreed with me that the polls suggest that a third party 9/11truth candidate could make history. Last year 36% of the American people said 9/11 was high treason; this year it must be over 40%. If those 40% vote, they would surely vote for a third party candidate who promised an immediate, no-holds-barred investigation. And an independent who got 40%, leaving each major party candidate with around 30%, would win.

Thompson's brother Tommy, who is also thinking about running for president, could not be reached for comment.

[for more info on Ed Thompson, see http://www.remarkableman.net]

Ron Paul?

Thompson should be more vocal right now. Paul has already watered down his commitment to 9/11 truth by saying the governement difinitely didn't do it, instead of anwering more truthfully that there needs to be a new investigation, and see where that leads. Politicians are tiresome.

no. wrong. stop.

where has Paul watered it down? By being asked if he has ever said or believed 9/11 was an inside job and saying no? Big deal. By him saying anything close to it (beyond saying a new investigation would be good), neocon's around the country will come out of the woodwork to vilify him as much as possible.
He has said there needs to be a new investigation and to see where it leads. neocons are already hopping on that.
By saying he doesn't believe/endorse inside job theory doesn't equal saying the government definitely didn't do it.

Politicians may be tiresome, very true. But I'd like to see somebody else handle it better than Paul and still have a chance at not pissing everybody off.

I might be considered a Paul cheerleader throughout some of my previous comments concerning him and his 9/11 views...but I'm sick and tired of people getting all disgruntled because he won't be as frank about 9/11 as we are. We're not running for president. He is.
Several stances of his I don't agree with, but are completely overshadowed by the much more important stuff he I do agree with him on.

"The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments."
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 191
German philosopher (1844 - 1900)


Ed Thompson had better approval ratings in the polls when he ran for governor of Wisconsin in 2002 than either the democrat or republican.

Ed would be the instant odds-on favorite the capture the Libertarian nomination at the Libertarian Party national convention next year (Memorial day weekend 2008, Denver, Colorado).

Ed is a brilliant speaker and writer, WE NEED ED!

If reasoning were like hauling rocks, then several reasoners might be better than one.

Ed is right. "Why wait for an investigation?"

He insisted that "a new, truly independent investigation staffed by 9/11 truth seekers- people like you, Kevin- should happen ASAP. " I agree. We have more than enough evidence and expert testimony to begin having our own independent investigations. Yes, plural...

While we won't have subpoena power, we can still publish findings and get possible media coverage. Even conclusions such as: "Bin Laden could NOT have stood down NORAD for nearly hours on the morning of 9/11. We need to know who did." Or "Bin Laden could NOT have imploded Building 7 of the World Trade Center. We need to know who did." Or "Bin Laden could NOT have accessed the Pentagon's anthrax supply. We need to know who did." -- could all be helpful. Plus, we can clearly conclude controlled demolition. Reporting this to the media can engage both the public and the media itself to demand Congress get in the game. But make no mistake: Congress will have to be forced to do this, and holding credible investigations can be an ends and a means to truth and justice.

Plus, it might lure a few supporters of the Official Conspiracy Theory into the fray, who are otherwise too chickenshit to debate us. They should of course be asked to participate.