Stepping Up For The Families Yet Another Way

On the cover of the New York Metro today, which I spotted when getting off at City Hall, was the title "WTC Boycott?". The topic of this article is Mayor Bloomberg's decision to move the ceremonies 2 blocks away from the World Trade Grounds, which has drawn obvious and widespread objection from the families. Their letters to him and the governor have been denied, and the mayor has stated he will not grant them the permit. Some families have begun talking boycotting the ceremonies, others seem prepared to go it at their desired location with or without permit. Obviously we do and need to support them in this.

I'm writing this to suggest everyone contact the Mayor's Office in Nyc about this immediately, as well as the Governor Spitzer Office, and let them know you support the families. For those who have lost people on that day(or sinse due to war and beyond) amongst us, this undoubtedly only reveals further the true nature of the establishment. The excuse that it is not available due to construction is ridiculous to say the least, and in all honesty if they knew construction would be an issue they obviously should have waited a couple more months to start. The intentions are clear, at least to me. Among them, it is my personal belief that this move is directly to do with hoping to move the ceremony to as small a spot as possible, with a hope to keep the truth about 9/11 away, and at least as scattered as they can make it. I don't believe the perps can succeed in that way, and I don't believe they can succeed in snubbing the families, but right now we need to first make effort to help get the families what they want, need, and deserve.

Please email, fax, call, what ever you can think of. Spread word of this and bring this up with those who don't already get the elitists are not on their side. Thanks much everyone.

Contact Phone#

9/11 Memorial Community Assistance Unit: 212-442-8953
Mayor Bloomberg's Senior Aides: 212-788-8953

I've called to inquire about the anti-American plans Bloomberg has to move the memorial service for the American hero First Responders and the victims of 9/11 from sacred ground to some meaningless location. I've also asked everyone that answered the phone how they feel about working for a man who puts forthe such blatant anti-American plans. Some have stated that they were not allowed to express their opinion, but after I've convinced them that their 1st Amendmant Right overrides any company/office policy (and that if they were ever fired for expressing their opinion they could sue for a lot of money), they were quite expressive and said they did not like the idea of moving the memorial service. Infiltrate the ranks of power with the Truth and soon Truth will be in power.


Its good to remember that the people who pick up the phones don't always feel even close to the way the "leadership" does. Having conversations with them and appealing to how THEY feel is brilliant, and can have effect on many layers, as you more then hinted on. Nicely done :)

How 'bout some Contact Info??

To Write To The Governor:
Eliot Spitzer
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224


To Email The Governor:

Thankyou much. Sorry, you're

Thankyou much. Sorry, you're right, i should have put that in myself.