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Nick and Kyle from urnotfree were the guests on Monday night's edition of TTR. Topics include guerrilla street art for 9/11 truth, doing street actions on the Strip in Vegas and the upcoming General Strike on September 11. We talk to Chris (CV) from truthaction.org and Luke Rudkowski calls in with breaking news of a confrontation with Nancy Pelosi.

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oh shit, i hope they got

oh shit, i hope they got Nancy "impeachments off the table" Pelosi good. ive been waiting for you guys to get at her, great job.

breaking news:Murdoch now owns The Wall Street Journal. Bill Clinton helped to make this happen with some of the laws he signed off on in 1996 further proving this is a game to them(not to mention Murdoch is throwing fund raisers for his wife). no wonder impeachment is off the table.....

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Awesome dude. Keep up the

Awesome dude. Keep up the good work.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month