Washington DC - 9/11/07

NYC and the First Responder Fund Raiser out of reach? If you live near the nation's capitol, there is a good alternative, four full days of action in DC. A benefit to activism at the capitol is that Congress will be in session, so the Representatives will really have to work to avoid seeing you. Especially if you spend some time being seen around the House.


Come to Washington this September for the historic union of the 9/11Truth, Peace and Impeachment movements.March with us as we honor the victims of 9/11 and the thousands of casualties of the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Call for the end of the bogus war on terror, impeachment of the criminals in the White House and restoration of our civil liberties.

Come for the Truth, stay for the Peace and Justice!

Tuesday, September 11 Noon - Rally at Lafayette Park,
Pennsylvania Ave., in front of the White House. Cross country walkers arrive.
Speakers: Webster Tarpley, Ralph Schoenman, David Lindorff, Carlo Hawk Walker, and others
2pm - March to Capitol for 3:30pm - Press Conference at Capitol.
4pm - Lobby - Split into two groups: 1) to Pelosi's office, 2) to Reid's office
5pm - Reception - Stewart Mott House, (see map) 122 Maryland Ave., NE

Wednesday, September 12 Lobby Training
- Susan Udry from United For Peace And Justice
9-10:20 and 10:30-12noon - Church of the Reformation, 212 East Capitol St, Washington, DC

Thursday, September 13 Lobby Day
- Capitol Building Media /Lobby Training, Movie - Mott House
Evening activity - movie/mixer at Mott House(see map)

Friday, September 14 Media Training,
Debriefing, Movie - Mott House Evening activity - movie/mixer - Mott House
Strategy Sessions and lobbying continue. Leaders of the Impeachment, Antiwar and Truth Movements are invited to gather at the Mott House for planning and preparations for the march on Saturday.
Evening event at the Stewart Mott House.(see map)


Maybe all of dc911truth should instead go to New York on 9/11/07. I think if there are more people in New York it will have a greater impact than having a small group in DC. Lets take our resources and all join together!


Washington was hit on 9/11 also. We are joining our resources. We have three groups of marchers from various parts of the country converging on Washington; peace, impeachment and 9/11. We are joing forces together to lobby congress for a redress of grievances, a long list of greivances. We actually moved our event so as not to interfer with the events in NYC and to stretch the events into the weekend when ANSWER is planning a rally and march on Sept. 15th. Maybe after the NYC events are over the NYC groups can come on down to DC and confront the powers that be.



together is a good