Would the WTC planes have penetrated the Pentagon?

When we are asked to believe that a boeing 757 penetrated through yards of reinforced concrete walls at the Pentagon we have to strain out imaginations to do so. Look at it this way...the 757 strikes the first wall, and only the fuselage goes through...crosses about 50-60 feet of space and goes through another wall,...then another open space and carries on through another wall..another similar open space , and another wall, another open space, then another wall and another open space, and yet another wall,aoither open space, and finally punches a large clean hole in a final wall. ...Three rings in all, with another building section crossing the fuselage's path.(see link).
Massive powers of penetration, it can't be denied. Are there any other happenings of this nature that we can draw experience from?...Why,yes...the WTC buildings. They were both hit on the same day by very similar aircraft having about the same weight and speed (boeing 767's).. Strange then that their powers of penetration didn't appear to approach that of the Pentagon plane. The Pentagon was a long series of heavy, reinforced concrete walls each seperated by fairly wide open spaces, which were dotted with support columns. The WTC's, on the other hand were essentially acre-wide open spaces, and most of the plane, (including the fuselage) missed the core. There can be no doubt that the WTC planes wouldn't have done the same damage at the Pentagon as the 757, even though the weight and speed of the aircraft were very similar. Given that we know how large jetliners will perform under these circumstances of weight and speed, having seen it with our own eyes at the WTC on 9/11, we can obviously conclude that NO 757 caused the damage at the Pentagon that we saw, and have been asked to accept.Reliable sources have said that a missile can cause exactly this kind of damage.Think about it.
http://www.911myths.com/assets/images/PentagonRings.jpg Pentagon Rings

Do your homework

Whatever hit the Pentagon on 9-11 DID NOT.....I repeat DID NOT have to penetrate "through yards of reinforced concrete walls". Please read:

Floor Space Between Facade and C-Ring is Mostly Unobstructed

On the first and second floors, the Pentagon has continuous interior space extending from the facade to the inner-facing wall of the C-Ring, joining the C-, D-, and E-Rings. This is because the light wells between the C- and D-Rings and between the D- and E-Rings only descend to the bottom of the third floor. The only structural elements interrupting this space are columns apparently spaced on 10-foot centers along the direction perpendicular to the facade, with each first-floor column having a square cross-section measuring 21 inches on a side.

A figure on the left shows a path from the center of the facade impact puncture to the center of the C-Ring punch-out hole. That path could describe the path of fuselage debris from the facade to the C-Ring wall, where it could have produced the punch-out hole. It shows that there was a narrow path for that debris between the columns left standing by the crash. (Source: http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/pentagon/index.html)

Do your homework and quit spreading around this mis-information. You have been watching "In Plane Site" too much and succumbed to the flawed logic of the film, which ignores the way the Pentagon was constructed, and perpetuates the myth that whatever hit the Pentagon had to blow through "9 feet of steel reinforced concrete" to make the C-ring punch out hole.

Also, comparisons of the Pentagon with the twin towers is flawed, for obvious reasons. They were different buildings, built in different ways and would obviously absorb impacts accordingly.

No 757 hit the Pentagon


You said "Floor Space Between Facade and C-Ring is Mostly Unobstructed" Please check the following graphics, some taken from one of your links, and let me know if they illustrate your point well.. I must admit that those two-foot thick support columns look like very efficient plane-shredders to me. I think the representation of the plane is somewhat larger than scale.

http://www.911myths.com/assets/images/PentagonRings.jpg Pentagon Rings aerial photo
http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/pentagon/docs/floorplan_757traj.png Pentagon Floorplan
http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/pentagon/docs/interiorspace_5896.jpg Photo of Columns

No 757 hit the Pentagon II

You also say "Also, comparisons of the Pentagon with the twin towers is flawed, for obvious reasons. They were different buildings, built in different ways and would obviously absorb impacts accordingly".

My point is that we have one CONSTANT. The size, weight and speed of the planes. The 757 and the 767 are comparable in size and weight, and their speeds at the Pentagon and the WTC were both estimated to be around 500mph. As opposed to the Pentagon, which has two-foot thick support columns spaced ten feet apart throughout what were,in effect, the three (or four) seperate buildings that were the Pentagon rings (see link 1), the Twin Towers WERE open unobstructed floors. Each floor sat on horizonatal trussing running the sixty feet from the Core to the perimeter wall, so no vertival support columns were needed...a big advantage in selling office space. So which building would better absorb the impact of a jet flying at 500mph ? The plane at the WTC should have ended up in the next state if the impact had had the same power as the impact at the Pantagon.We actually SAW the crash at the WTC, so we know what is the REAL power of a jet hitting at 500mph...so we KNOW that there is no way that essentially the same plane under the same conditions of weight and speed could have penetrated the three rings of the Pentagon. Imagine...up to seven reinforced conccrete walls and a jungle of two foot thick support columns. (see links 1.,2 and 3)
Link 1.Aerial Photo Pentagon Rings

http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/pentagon/docs/floorplan_757traj.png Link 2.Pentagon Floorplan

http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/pentagon/docs/interiorspace_5896.jpg Link 3.Photo of Columns

I see Jim Hoffman & his minions are still desperate to

perpetuate the lie that AA-77 is what struck the Pentagon.

On the above link to Hoffman's page, we are shown how "The Sandia crash test of an F-4 into a concrete barrier reduced the plane to rubble." So if something similar happened at the Pentagon, and AA-77 was basically obliterated, how did they recover viable DNA to ID the passengers, as the gov't stated they did???


With a fire so hot that it melted the titanium blades in the jet engines, the seats, wheels, etc. --YET they found enough viable DNA to identify the passengers?? Ridiculous.

AA77 clearly didn't hit the

AA77 clearly didn't hit the Pentagon. If it did, there would have been video 5 years ago.

The biggest smoking gun, besides just using your eyes and brain to look at pictures, is that pilotsfor911truth.org have shown that the "black box" data from "AA77" couldn't even have hit the pentagon. The flight path is different from the official story and the altimeter was some 400ft above ground.

I will rely on there expert analysis until it can be proven incorrect.

so confusing

if you google "moussaoui trial exhibits and documents" you can find some pictures of 'plane parts' and charred bodies, such as this poor soul:

However, if you look at that website, all the pictures are "of the pentagon", none of them are of "flight 77". so we indeed do have bodies, however, IMO, they are of victims already inside the pentagon. I have not seen any evidence of the 70 or so people who supposedly died as a result of 77 hitting the pentagon.

speculation: the victims and 77 are at the bottom of the ocean, switched out with a global hawk drone that did indeed slam into the pentagon
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