Philip Zelikow and the 9/11 Commission Report


A new video introduction to the executive director of the 9/11 Commission. Featuring Webster Tarpley, Peter Dale Scott, Graeme MacQueen, Ken Jenkins and others. Includes new interviews filmed during the Vancouver 9/11 Conference. (Part One)

More on Zelikow:
Philip Zelikow: The Bush Administration Investigates the Bush Administration.

Great video... Essential documentation of Philip Zelikow

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very good little film, i

very good little film, i only wish they would have added the video of when Carol Broulliet confronted him in public. we need more of that. Zelikow is always one of the points i make sure to hit on when presenting 9/11 truth to uninformed people.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

They keep using the phrase..

Like a New Pearl Harbor.

I would like to remind everyone that Pearl Harbor was attacked by an actual enemy. Those were Japanese aircraft, dropping Japanese bombs and torpedoes.

Not undercover agents doing a series of covert operations.

It is my belief that by continuing to link the two events together that the reality of the first (actual Japanese pilots) will rub off and add a sense of reality to the 9/11 myth.

The attacks on 9/11 were not performed by Islamic Extremist Terrorists as we were told by the President and FBI.

Of the surviving "suicidal hijackers" there must be at least one from each of the alleged flights still living. Thus begging the question of where did they get off the aircraft before it hit ?And if they were permitted to get off the aircraft in the US why weren't the other passengers permitted to do the same? The 2 American Airlines flights were not even scheduled for that day. United 93 landed at a Cleveland Airport. None of the passenger lists included the names of any of the hijackers.

It saddened me greatly yesterday when Congress passed more Legislation from the recommendations of Zelikow's phony investigation.

Where the analogy is relevant

I appreciate these comments on the distinction between 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor attacks. Yes, whatever blame can be placed on the FDR administration for bringing about those attacks, they were carried out by members of the Japanese armed forces--not false-flag operatives--following orders from Tokyo, not Washington.

Where the Pearl Harbor analogy to 9/11 IS pertinent is in terms of the impact on mass psychology and the ensuing political consequences. This is what PNAC meant with their 'new Pearl Harbor' reference in 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' and why Griffin in turn referenced that comment in the title of his book, 'The New Pearl Harbor'. They desired the same kind of psychological, emotional and political effects of the Pearl Harbor attacks, and went about devising an event which would have such effects, this time to be carried out from within as a false-flag event.

I understand

but those on the fringes probably won't think it through that far and that's why I think we need to change the analogy.

But I don't know what an acceptable analogy or expression would be to convince them.

My sister refuses to listen to anything about United 93 because her daughter has a friend whose father was on that flight and they went to his funeral.
She can't see the lack of wreckage because they went to a funeral.
She can't see no bodies because she went to a funeral.
She can't read the news item about United 93 making a safe emergency landing in a Cleveland Airport because she went to a funeral.

I live in Bergen County, NJ about 10 miles west of the GWB and can't even get people who were near the towers on 9/11 to step back and look at the facts. I've been trying for almost 2 years. They won't even take a free DVD. My wife is one of them. she is seriously considering retiring because she developed Rosacea and has trouble getting into the city. People from a lot of the little towns here lost people.

I know a person who lives in Brooklyn about 3 miles from Ground zero and he is having breathing problems. He is also the one who got me started doing my own investigation. I had to send him an email tonight to contact someone who is familiar with the dust situation.

When you say to them like another Pearl Harbor which was real, they respond see we told you it's bin-Laden.

I'm sorry but there has to be some different way to describe it or I fear we are doomed to failure.

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