TruthBurn Given Final Approval By Burning Man!

TruthBurn Given Final Approval For Burning Man 2007

TruthBurn is happening at Burning Man! DaveX, the head of fire safety passed the final plan for the art project. A North SF Bay metal fabricator will be constructing the piece that has been designed by John Parulis, rendered into prints by Scott Page and engineered by Charles Pegelow, all members of The sculpture will be destroyed by about 40 lbs of remotely ignited thermite towards the end of the festival. With help from Ken Jenkins, audio and video from the 911 truth movement will be shown in the evenings on a screen suspended from the sculpture.

Architect Richard Gage, AIA, is slated to give a talk during the demolition phase of this art project.

TruthBurn still needs your funding support. By reducing the original weight of the sculpture, we were able to save a considerable amount of money, but money is still needed to cover costs, approximately $7,000.. Please send your tax free donations to Northern California 911 Truth Alliance (in memo section of check write “TruthBurn”) P.O. Box 60511, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Thanks to Carol Brouillet for offering this service.

About 40,000 people attend Burning Man. A considerable number of national and international press attend as well. A video of the TruthBurn event will be made available after the festival.

For more information visit

The sculpture will be made available for demonstrations and exhibits. A big thank you to Burning Man for having the guts to go ahead with this project!

great job putting this

great job putting this together man, i wish i could be there.

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Been trying to find contact info for you. Please contact me through my website's contact form at




I've only been to BM once, in 2004, but may try to make it again this year to see this in person. Brilliant idea and great work bringing it to fruition! Is there any way I can help or be involved if I do manage to come? ... ...

Thanks Everybody

Yarrow, if you come can you bring some high quality MP3s of Guns and Butter shows?
I'd like to play a bunch of these great shows at night when the sculpture is all lit up and smoking.


Yarrow or anyone else at Burning Man. I need people to man the sound booth at the sculpture to play tapes and watch the smoke machine and generator


Would love to

help run sound for the sculpture, and can definitely bring GNB shows. Please email me :)

Send $$$ to make this happen!

I sent a check straightaway. This action will yield a very high truth return on investment.

censorship: reprehensible indeed


Thanks Alek.

We are using thermite, not thermate, unless something comes forward in the next 2-3 weeks.
I will not give up on doing another supervised test burn using sol-gel thermate on heavy gage steel at some point in the near future. Getting the device has proved to be challenging but not impossible.
Thanks for all your support


They're letting you use thermite on the playa? I'm surprised. Not sure why, but I am.
I'm sure y'all know what you're doing, but still, be careful out there.
You may want to confirm whether you're using thermite or thermate. Your website says thermite, but the description of the installation found on the burningman site says thermate.

Have a great burn! Wish I could be there to see it!


Please consider getting

Please consider getting someone to document (video) the entire construction of the project - and other tidbits - may serve nicely with a longer documentary.


Thanks imgstacke for the video comment. I'm gonna try to cover construction and testing myself and shooting on the playa. Anyone else is welcome to add to it or do their own thing. the more the merrier.