We Must Charge Sibel Edmonds with Misprision of Treason! (wink wink)

Sibel Edmonds has been silenced by a Justice Department “State Secrets” gag order for years from dispensing her deep knowledge of what she has openly described as treason and other big-time criminality at the highest levels of the government. All she has wanted is her day in court. So we need to help give it to her.

The way to do it is to press charges of misprision of treason against her with a federal judiciary. She has wanted someone to press the issue for all these years so she could release the healing poison of deep political truth corked and bottled within her by Patriot Act Enforcer Man himself, John Ashcroft. She is in a very difficult place in that she clearly feels a serious compunction to uphold her oath to the constitution and out the treasonous activities, but is stifled by the gag order and will potentially nullify the legal impact of her revelations if she breaks said order.

If someone took Sibel Edmonds to court on the charge of misprision of treason, things could get interesting very quickly. In fact she needs us to charge her with misprision of treason in order to override the gag order. What if we all did it with different judges? Being that the accusation of treason is a serious matter, especially against those high up in the government, and the “States Secrets” classification motive so clearly a cover-up with the material having been openly discussed at one point, even a somewhat fair judge will at least do a preliminary hearing. Treason and its legal milieu might be the only way to override the over-reaching, goose-stepping Executive branch at this point. Check my recent entries about this topic:
http://www.911blogger.com/node/10274 and http://www.911blogger.com/node/10293

Meanwhile, Ms. Edmonds has been looking for help in the Congress, but the Legislative branch as an overarching whole is but a nervous little compromised lap dog of the Executive at this point. So, it makes sense for the We the People to help create the constitutional confrontation we’ve needed for decades, by pushing this matter up through the Judiciary. Since Ms. Edmonds has given us many indications that the knowledge she holds is of treasonous acts, we must now legally charge her with misprision of treason.

See, now this becomes a really interesting case. I wonder if there is a name for OUR legal situation in all this, namely, knowing and not telling a judge that someone is not telling a judge what they know about treason. I guess you could call it "misprision of misprision of treason." Anyways, don't we have any constitutional scholars who see the crucial nature of this moment and the creative possibilites of this situation?! Last year for the 1st time in decades, a young man from Southern California who joined Al-Qaeda was charged and convicted (I think) of treason. They appropriately re-opened it up as a possibility. Now let's take those that funded Al-Qaeda in the 1st place down with it.

Sibel Edmonds, a courageous and patriotic woman, has a flood of Truth to let loose upon the tyrannical sycophants. But, she needs US to poke a hole in the damn dam. May that the healing water soon rush forth.

A thought for Ms. Edmonds

Now i'm no Constitution expert, but isn't there a way the Constitution over rides all this Bullstrip to get to the crux of Treason against our Constitutional Republic? After all, when someone takes the oath to serve in government, don't they state that they will up hold & defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign & domestic? There's gotta be something in this document that states when a government official or a plain ol' citizen knows that there are acts of Treason going on, that they can speak up no matter who has gagged who!!!! We the People ARE the government, & no matter what, when WE see or hear something that goes against the Law of the land, WE SHOULD be able to bring it to EVERYONES attention so as something can be done about it right away, rather than letting OUR government call the shots! This whole affair stinks to high heaven, & we're treading to keep our Civil rights & personal freedoms in tact! PLEASE, someone with knowledge on Constitutional Law help this young lady bring all her evidence to bear so WE can have OUR Country back!!!!!

Who cares...

Sibel Edmonds says herself that the gag order is not a mandated by the Constitution. The States Secret Privilege, she says, is an antiquated measure that was meant to be used in very rare situations. She also says that it is being used as part of a criminal cover-up. She also says she took an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States.

Who or what exactly is keeping her from going public about her intimate knowledge of the nexus between black market nukes, international terrorism, drug dealing, and treasonous corruption within the United States Government?

It seems to me that the argument she presents is enough to justify her disregard for the gag that she claims is not even authorized by law or the Constitution.

Like I said before, I'm not counting her out. But you have to admit that her narrative has been basically the same since 2002. I listened to her most recent speech and it's the same as it was when I heard it a year ago.

Now this blogger wants us to jump into the buerocratic mud hole and do some 'trial for treason but not really treason' scheme.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

Don't you have knowledge of high level treason?

Knowing some of nasty the truth about 9-11 yourself, you have as damning knowledge as she has, hers is just a bit more specific potentially and she is a former insider. Have you yet gone by the law? Have you charged Dick Cheney with conspiracy to commit treason? Have you done your constitutional duty and told a governor and or judge that the white house is involved in treason? Blogging, random letter writing, street activism, DVD distribution (though I do and endorse all these things) doesnt cut it in terms of legal precision. Taking this to a judge is mandated by the constitution, both in the case of yourself and myself and Sibel Edmonds. I dont know Ms Edmonds case that well, but it is very possible that if she breaks the gag order, she will get tied up and silenced while in legal limbo.

Unless you have attempted to bring this to a judge or governor, you are like a pot calling the kettle black. I bring this up to speak seriously and specifically about strategies that will actually get Cheney, Bush et al out of the White House, down from the High Rises and into a US courthouse in front of billions. Finding a way to synergistically combine righteous legal strategies, organized citizen activism and savvy media campaigning is what I am attempting to put forth.

Here we are almost 6 years later, with more than enough Truth to bring hundreds of individuals to trial and where is the Justice. Yes, telling more people and further discussing the facts of the controlled demolition must happen, but cmon, we know the buildings were blown up, we know NORAD was stood down, where are our vigorous legal strategies? Mr. Berg, Ms Mariani and Mr. Rodriguez have tried the RICO suit route. Where the hell are the rest of us?! Waiting for the Final Cut of Loose Change to come out is not a legal strategy. We all know that treason has been down and I'm still waiting for one person on this blog to tell me they have actually done their constitutional duty. Bueller, Bueller?

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush

All I'm saying...

1. I am suspicious of the whole Sibel Edmonds narrative.

2. I disagree that the idea presented in this blog is going to do anything more then lead us into more buerocratic mud to bog down any sort of progress.

I mostly base my criticism of the idea presented in this blog on the premise that I'm just not sold on the claim that Sibel Edmonds holds the key to unraveling the entire Bush Administration Crminal Enterprise....which is how she and her supporters present her case.

I meant no offense to you, your idea, or your motivations.

Also, I would not consider myself a pot. I have attempted to contact many people regarding these issues...to no avail. At this point, I would be happy with a letter from a Governor's secretary telling me I was a crazy nut case conspiracy theorist. At least then I would know that they are reading information about the 9/11 Truth issue.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever


Why the back door 'charge with treason but don't really mean it' approach?

If Sibel Edmonds has damning evidence of a criminal conspiracy then she should just go fully public. She has said that the reason for the gag is to cover-up criminality and not to protect state secrets. She says she has information related to terrorism and black market nukes.

I am getting the feeling there is nothing to this Sibel Edmonds case besides Sibel Edmonds. If she really is a patriotic American who swore an oath to the constitution then she should disregard the criminal gag order and share her information about black market nukes and terrorims and drug dealing.

According to her and her supporters she holds the key to exposing the criminal conspiracy that is the Bush administration.


Or, just wait for a black market nuke to get detonated. Then you can just say "I told you so".

I haven't ruled her out but she is sliding into 'disinfo goose chase' territory.

Can't Stop 9/11 Fever

If it was me....

... as an American citizen, I would suffer the consequences to do my patriotic duty to my fellow citizens & the Constitution & speak up regardless of some inane gag order! Yes, I'm aware that murder might be one of those consequences but, hey, at least I tried. Throw my booty in jail for all I care. Someone, somewhere would at least try to make it right! I believe that that's what makes this Country so great. When the American people see unjustice being done to one, or close to 3,000 people, WE stand up for EACH OTHER!! As is the case with all these 9/11 web-sites. Hey, I might be tortured, or have my brain scrambled, but what the hay, I did what was right. Now, I don't know what situation Ms Edmonds is in, i.e family, job etc., but I would just like to convey to her to put it in her gods hands, (or no god), believe that there are people out here that would come to her and her families aid if anything like the above mentioned nightmare occured. GO FOR IT SISTER! DAMN THE TORPEDOES! FULL STEAM AHEAD!!! We love you & what you stand for: Truth, justice, & the Constitution!

Very interesting point! BTW, there is also an offense called

"Misprision of felony", which is also quite severe in its own right. It seems to apply in all sorts of 9/11 cases as well:

MISPRISION OF FELONY - Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the U.S., conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the U.S. 18 USC

Misprision of felony, is the like concealment of felony, without giving any degree of maintenance to the felon for if any aid be given him, the party becomes an accessory after the fact.


A good point

I think this is really the crux of the matter with Sibel's case. She needs someone to push the legal envelope. The documentary looks like it will be cool, but we need treason trials started by then. We as a movement have not worked the Judicial branch as thoroughly as we should have so far. it makes the most sense. yes there are corrupt politico hack judges, but of all 3 branches the judicial is still the most objective and committed to upholding the law. But it wont do itself, it takes We the People to help work it and grease the gears.

All of us who havent pursued legal methods are guilty of this it seems. And only when the treason trials start will we have fulfilled our obligations.

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.” –Plato

"We must speak the truth about terror." --George W. Bush