The Need For a "9/11 Study Group" Report

The time has come for a published report of 9/11 findings by our own scholarly investigation. We can force public hearings best by promoting our own gold standard of investigative research which contradicts and exposes the "9/11 Commission Report" for the deception and cover-up it is. Simply calling for public hearings and a new investigation is not enough-- we must provide it ourselves first.

The report should be a consensus of findings from the research of experts in their fields, such as: architects, engineers, physicists, and demolition experts (If into whether or not the World Trade Center and Building 7 were imploded. ) It would reference peer-reviewed studies such as "The Journal of 9/11 Studies" and other academic works. (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth: would provide an excellent basis for this report. Dr. Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan could collaborate as well.) The idea would be for them to all endorse specific claims or findings that contradict the official version. All could probably agree that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition and the "9/11 Commission" lied about the nature of core of these buildings, for example. These two conclusions alone could carry much weight coming from an expert panel, and give crediblity to our cause.

Since this would be a legitimate investigation and not just a critque by someone without specific expertise, it could carry much-needed weight for our cause.

William Pepper said that

William Pepper said that they way they won their MLK case was to build the case for each point until it was rock solid and build the case brick by brick.