Pledge: No False Flags or Martial Law

While politicians such as Cheney might be involved in ordering a false flag, it is folks in the military and police that will either carry it out -- or, if it is private contractors as opposed to active-duty military/law enforcement who would be tasked to carry it out -- in the best position to stop it.

So let's present a pledge card to every member of the military, law enforcement, and also politicians which says that they pledge:

- They will protect and defend the American people and the Constitution

- They will not themselves carry out a false flag attack

- They will not help others to carry out a false flag

- They will do everything in their power to stop others from conducting a false flag

Print and cut out a stack of pledge cards (cut on the dotted lines). Then go to your local congress person, military base, police station, and have them all sign the pledge. If you know anyone working for an intelligence service, the FBI, or other non-military agency, have them sign a pledge card also.

Ask your local city council to pass a resolution against the use of false flag operations, for the Constitution, and against the imposition of martial law.

This will help educate them about the history of false flag operations, get them to commit not to take part in one and to stop an attack if the bad guys try to carry one out, and get them to do the right thing if asked to impose martial law on the American people.

For higher-level people, the pledge campaign will show that we're paying attention, making it less likely they'll order a false flag attack or the imposition of martial law. You can also have a friend video the whole interaction, like the We Are Change folks do.

For lower-level people, the process itself will educate them, so they will be less likely to obey illegal orders. This is a great way to be pro-active, and to educate and obtain a positive commitment to do the right thing from people in a position to protect (or destroy) us.

Keep the cards that have been signed (we might use them to start a petition or otherwise compile them later).

And if they refuse to sign the pledge card, write down their name, so that we can compile a list of wise guys.

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Why wasn't this idea proposed when there was an active membership here..before the new policy was instituted??

I just

thought of it. If you think it is a good idea, please spread it to all of the other websites so that it goes viral.

Another Important one...

or at least I think it is ;-[)

- They will not assist in covering-up any such false flag operations and do their best to expose them

Best wishes


im sorry but this is a pretty worthless idea. i mean, come on, its not like you are gonna be handing these out to three star generals, who would likely be the ones giving the orders for a false flag.

those underneath the top command are just following orders - and they probably wouldnt even know that they were carrying out a false flag as they did it.

If anyone

KNOWS any generals, you should approach them also.

But even if it is only lower-level people who sign, the process will educate THEM, so they will be less likely to obey illegal orders.

Think about it.


Worthelss idea in your opinion. My opinion is that we must do anything and everything in our power to raise awareness and visibility especially in the face of so much stonewalling and ignoring. Thanks GW and great idea!

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good idea!

Good idea! This is a crucial part of the movement of noncooperation that needs to begin NOW to prevent both another false flag operation and the drastic moves that will be taken in the wake of that action. It will be crucial for the neo-cons to have the support of the military, and this support cannot be taken for granted. Cynicism won't help; taking this action may.


Anyone else getting directed to the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website when clicking on the hyperlink?

I'm getting


Even if we

Verbally raise the issue with said individuals, it is in the right direction.
GW you are pretty right on in taking the subject to the uniformed men and women. They have had the opportunity to explore the many issues that we have over the last six years. Believe that many of them visit this website to 'hear' various viewpoints, knowing that they cannot offer their opinions, for fear that their computers are being tracked by security, actually on the same base. A little healthy paranoia helps keep them from making that mistake.
One said group is the firefighters throughout this fine land. With the sound reasoning that steel buildings don't come down because of fires, those hundreds in the towers that fateful day went with their usual gut instinct. The gut wants to puke after knowing so many facts afterwards. And still Rudy G. got the early warning to clear out of the area. And I really think it is the ultimate of the day in that the President flew directly to where Buffet and the top executives of the WTC had congregated???
Many Americans will become better informed through this process, thanks for doing it George Washington!

Wrong - great idea :-)

I also think 911 Truthers should be taking ads out in Stars and Stripes, and and similar media as might exist, calling on military to obey the Constitution, as opposed to any illegal orders they may receive which treats the Constitution as so much toilet paper. And, of course, we should endeavor to educate them re false flag operations.

Also, even though it's full of gatekeepers, please check out

BTW, I don't think it's a good idea to keep a list of the names of people who won't take the pledge. That implies some type of intimidation. Well, you're not going to intimidate military people very easily - at least I hope this is the case! Secondly, a lot of people honestly don't believe that 911 was other than the media has told them. They are they people we are trying to reach. Putting them on some type of list will simply make them defensive.

If somebody won't sign the pledge, it would be much better just to smile and say "Thank you for your time. Good luck."

spread far and wide

What we (9-11 truth community) are saying, the WTC's came down at free fall speed which fits the controlled demolition theory perfect and leaves any other theory (Bush/PNAC adminstration official story) looking ridiculous.

Both the 9-11 Commision report [and] NIST says the WTC's came down at free fall speed.
9 and 11 seconds.

How fast did it take the WTC 1 to collaspe?

How fast did it take the WTC 2 to collaspe?

How fast did it take the WTC 7 to collaspe?


"the measurements have indicated that Tower 1 collapsed in about 11 seconds and tower 2 collapsed in about 9 seconds ... no structure can withstand that kind of force that is applied, and it essentially came down in free fall"

- Shyam Sunder, NIST

According to the "Official Story," how long did it take the WTC towers to collapse?

Page 305 of the 9/11 Commission Report states,

"At 9:58:59, the South Tower collapsed in ten seconds, .... The building collapsed into itself, causing a ferocious windstorm and creating a massive debris cloud."

Great Idea

Although some of them have already taken oaths of office or when they entered the military service to protect the Constitution of the United States, or what's left of it, I think that it is a great idea to have them sign a pledge card.

That may help them remember and/or think twice about what they are going to do.

The only problem that I have with your pledge card is that you are including an Internet address to the Wikipedia definition of "False Flag" which can easily be edited.

I have often included a link to the Wikipedia when I mention in a blog about how 2 of the 3 functions of the CIA that was organized in 1947 are direct violation of the Charter of the United Nations that we signed two years earlier in 1945.

The Wikipedia CIA pages changed five or six times always making it more difficult for me to show the truth. I did get the satisfaction though of knowing that they were at least reading my blogs and Answers in Yahoo's questions and that they must have agreed with me which made them keep changing the Wiki.

How about starting to distribute them to the Presidential Candidates. That ought to give the main stream media something to talk about.