Rotten to the Core

[Updated to include Pelosi's refusal to conduct a new 9/11 investigation]

Those who still have hope that the Democrats will save them from the Neoconservatives have forgotten something.

The Democratic leadership in the country does not give 2 cents about what is best for the American people. Don't believe me?

Cindy Sheehan recently revealed "John Conyers told me ... that winning the presidency in ’08 was more important to him than ending the war in Iraq." Get it? The head of the Judiciary Committee, charged with upholding the rule of law in America, cares more about politics than about the Constitution, the people or the country.

Similarly, Speaker of the House Pelosi refuses to impeach or conduct a new 9/11 investigation.

If you still don't get it, its because you don't understand that -- just like neoconservatives are NOT real conservatives -- neoliberals do not hold any traditional progressive values. They are just a velvet-gloved version of the Republicans, a "kinder, gentler face" of the same machine.

The Democrats will not investigate 9/11, they won't do anything other than posture about getting out of the Iraq war, they won't question anything having to do with Israeli policy. Nancy Pelosi, that most "liberal" of congress people from San Francisco, has said repeatedly that "impeachment is off the table", even though impeachment is the one thing which might restore the balance of powers and the Constitutional rule of law. The Democrats have been just as bas as Republicans in carrying out false flag attacks. Hillary Clinton has said that, if she's elected president, the Iraqi war will probably continue until the end of her first 4-year term. She and Barack Obama have strongly hinted that they are for war against Iran.

The American government is rotten to the core. The Democrats won't save us.

The sooner we wake up to that fact, that sooner we can start taking real action to change things and save the America envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

What path then?

What can be done, then, GW?

Would you agree that Ron Paul offers some hope?

How about the Impeach Cheney First movement?

Do you think that martial law, before Nov. 2008, is likely?

Our immediate tactics need to reflect our longterm goal

of educating a majority of the American people about what really happened on 9/11/01 as this will wake them up to the point where real change can occur.

Since the most recent polls show that 54% of Americans want Cheney impeached now and 45% want Bush impeached now. We must leverage this large group of people by building an alliance with the peace, anti-war, clean election and impeachment groups. If we can do this and convince them to support a call for impeachment backed by a general strike and get enough people involved we will have forged a significant coaltion.

A simple plan will have the best chance of success and should include at least the following:

1. Promote the strike online and in the public domain (i.e. signs everywhere) as much as possible. There are many street fairs during the month of August and the call for impeachment should be promoted at these whenever possible.

2. Use the August 11th visibility action to kick off the public campaign by creating and distributing simple postcards to be sent to local Congresspersons and Speaker Pelosi's office informing them that if they do not begin impeachment proceedings against Cheney by September 10, 2007 that the American people will take matters into their own hands and begin a general strike. Stress to people that their participation in the strike is critical and that at a minimum all they have to do is take the day off or call in sick to support the strike. Hopefully most parents will want to keep their kids home from school, too.

3. Continue distributing the postcards to as many people as possible and have everyone call their local Congressperson and Speaker Pelosi's office on a daily basis to inform them of the deadline and consequences of their inaction to the constitutional crisis we are now in. Stress to everyone the need for being polite and insistent when making calls.

4. Those of us in the truth movement can add a call for new investigations into 9/11 onto our postcards and into our phone calls.

5. Write letters to the editor of every paper, large and small, to inform the msm and general public of what is going on and why.

It is worthwhile to note that the April corporate boycott had an impact that was noticed and felt and that economists were unable to explain credibly (they did not mention the boycott as a contributing factor, of course).

The month long build-up has the potential to put intense pressure on Speaker Pelosi and the Congress to do their constitutional duty and can demonstrate to the American people that they still do have real power.

I have very little faith that Speaker Pelosi will heed our call and begin the impeachment proceedings we need to begin the restoration of our constitutional republic. However, the Democrats inaction in the face of a general strike will drive home the message to the American public that neither party stands with the general population and that we must now take matters into our own hands. This should precipitate more strikes and the awakening that we need to further educate people about 9/11. These strikes may finally force the political elite to act in order to prevent their total loss of credibility. The culmination of the strikes will be a Christmas boycott that will devastate the US retail sector and force the msm and elite class to finally act or flee. All of the strikes and boycotts must be non-violent if we are to keep the upper hand.

Successful strikes and boycotts will also show europe and the rest of the world that the Americam people can be trusted, are taking action and they will rally to support us.

Needless to say, this will change the entire political dynamic in the U.S. and profoundly effect the presidential election, perhaps even giving Ron Paul a real shot at winning.

It is also quite likely that strikes will precipitate another 9/11-like event and/or an attempt to declare martial law which will more than likely result in either a fracturing of the U.S. military or the beginning of a civil war. I think it is also quite likely that another 9/11 is planned to take place before the end of October 2007, so we really don't have much of a choice, imo.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Dr. Jones, I believe

that boycotts, strikes and things like this are our best hopes.

I'm all for impeaching Cheney first. And recent indications are that if we hammer Congress with demands that they impeach Cheney, they might be forced to do it, even though they are rotten to the core.

As for another false flag, its a very real threat. I think things like like this might help a little to reduce the chance.

absolutely true and

absolutely unfortunate.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)


let's face it... these puppets just do what the CFR tells them to do. they are more scared of the CFR than they are of the people they are suppose to represent. that is why they continually vote against the people's best interest. there will be no impeachment till the CFR decides there will be.

Critical Mass.

It still comes down to a critical mass. If this includes Democrats then it does. We need a critical mass amongst the general population and those that we elect to leadership. Most people are sheep and will fall in line once this mass and movement is met. Keep working.