U.S. Film Festival Premiere Of 9/11: Press For Truth


'9/11 Press For Truth' screened at 2:00PM today at the Central Cinema theater in Seattle as an official selection of the Seattle True Independent Film Festival, the movie's American festival debut.

Director Ray Nowosielski spent the week in Seattle promoting the movie and meeting with fellow filmmakers at the festival. The town was alive with film fans and industry professionals as STIFF ran concurrently with the Seattle International Film Festival, the largest festival in the world. Nowosielski was surprised to learn that John Sinno, producer of last year's Oscar-nominated feature documentary 'Iraq in Fragments', is a fan of 'Press For Truth'. Sinno ended up taking him to lunch, where they discussed future possibilities for reaching a wider audience with 'Press For Truth'.

View executive producer Kyle F. Hence's Q&A with the audience after the STIFF screening: