9th September Rally in Brussels (United for Truth)

A demonstration and public march is planned to demand an independent international commission to investigate the events of 9/11.

French Minister Christine Boutin -- and before her Andreas von Buelow and Michael Meacher -- have made their statements regarding the attacks.

About the rally

9/9 UNITED FOR TRUTH will be the first major protest rally in Europe uniting various movements and linking various issues like, poverty, free press, disappearance of democracy, the lack of investigation to the 9/11 - 7/7 - 3/11 attacks, monetary reform, war on terror... Instead of every movement fighting for its own cause, we want to join forces, because all our common subjects can be linked down to just money and therefore capitalism that is defeating democracy. Please join us today.

The rally will take place on September 9th, 2007 in Brussels. It will start around 2 P.M. at the Brussels-North train-station and go via the city centre to the Brussels-South train-station.

more: http://virb.com/unitedfortruth



I'm from Belgium

and been into this for 5 years, I'm definatly gonna show up in Brussels on 9/9/2007 !
I've been waiting for this for a while now. I'll bring my camera and friends !

peace !

now there is a video

I am from France

I'll be showing up with some buddies, perhaps some guys from Finland too.

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Silly numbers

This may sound silly, but look at the numbers: 9/11 - 7/7 - 3/11 . They are all masonic primes or integers based on masonic 33 degrees. Look at every other date of an unusual, unexplained man-made catastrophe, and you'll find the same numbers. Hmmmm....

Yea, thats true for many

Yea, thats true for many cases in history and every aspect of life...

In the end, this will all be explained by the magic of the universe, I hope I'll be around to check it out...

I am from Spain

We are about to obtain the permission for a demostration the same day, in Madrid. (Brussels is a little far from here...)
The 911 truth asociation in Madrid, with connections in social organizations that are wakin up, the one that started recentyl in Barcelone, and a number people who read my site (www.rafapal.net), will join in our march, the word "Gladio operations" (the secrets armies of the NATO) will have a key role...
There is no terrrorism! There is only one terrorism: the terrorismo by he states to the people!
5 thousand years is enough! End with this babelian order!


911 truth madrid rally on sept 11

In Madrid our group is having a rally on the same day as Brussels demanding a new investigation for 911 truth, information in spanish can be seen here http://www.futurotek.com/eventos.html


We Need Foreign Help

The odds of justice being served in America against the war criminals, the baby killers,depleted uranium salters, the war profiteers, etc. is slim to none.
Americans need foreign help to bring these criminals to justice at The Hague now.