Built for Demolition?

I found this the other day and would like to hear what y'all think of this man's theory. I've never heard anything like it in all my research. If it's true, it would answer a lot of questions about why the towers collapsed. I've no idea if it's true so please don't shoot me down for wanting to hear your opinions.
It's a long interview with a man named Chris Brown (audio only plus some diagrams and photos), but here's his theory in a nutshell:
The towers were built with reinforced concrete cores, not just steel cores which would have been too flexible to allow the elevators to properly work when the building swayed in high winds.
The re-bar used in making the reinforced concrete cores was coated with a squishy, flammable material similar to C-4. The squishy feature would act as a cushion between the re-bar and the concrete as the building swayed in the wind. The flammable feature would allow for easy demolition of the towers when that day came.

If he's right, it answers many questions about the collapse of the two towers. That still leaves a million other questions on all the other subjects, but it would be something. I'll look forward to hearing what you think.



Chris has been posting over at www.democraticunderground.com as "Christophera" I believe for a couple of years.

If you go the September 11th forum, and then use the advanced search options, you can finds of Pros and Cons dealing with his theory.

lawsuits. would you work in

lawsuits. would you work in a building laced with explosives(or a "squishy flammable material" similar to C-4)? sounds like a good way of getting the true perps off and passing the CD of the towers off as some sort of "accident". people have actually been trying to plant this notion in the 9/11 truth movement for a long time now. it shows how scared they are.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Not intended to be rude.........

but the only sqiushy part of 9/11 is walking through all the official bullshit.

A Ridiculous Attempt!!!!

I have heard this ridiculous attempt to reconcile the harsh reality of the physics of 9/11 with the official theory. An seemingly intelligent acquaintance stated that all high-rise buildings are required to be built with charges inside to aid with demolition. He actually believed this! People will go to no lengths to maintain their illusion!!

Not too mention...

C4 is not activated by fire it requires an electric current to be detonated. Who the hell would put a C4 like substance throughout an entire building anyway? What ludicrous nonsense.

Not only C-4

FYI, he's not saying that the fire caused the C-4 to detonate. He also believes that charges were placed to detonate it. His theory doesn't contradict the generally accepted truther belief in controlled demolition, it actually makes it easier to explain. One of the difficulties in believing the controlled demolition theory is realizing how much time it would take to place sufficient explosives throughout the building. If the explosives were built-in, as he believes, the evil-doers would have only needed the time to place the detonation charges.

Why would they pre-place C-4 in a huge skyscraper? To help demolish it someday. As can be seen by the dismantling of 130 Liberty Street, it is extremely expensive to take a building apart piece by piece. And, if there's a concrete core (as he believes), demolishing it becomes almost impossible. Knowing that what goes up must come down some day, it actually makes sense to plan for a building's eventual demolition.
And, since C-4 is not activated by fire, it would not be unsafe to work in the building.

I don't necessarily believe this guy's theory, but I do find it amusing how quickly some of you will call alternative theories "ludicrous nonsense". Isn't that what all the de-bunkers say about us?



People should be aware that Chris Brown has filed a few lawsuits . . .


Plaintiff Christopher A. Brown
Defendant County of Santa Barbara
Negligence, psychiatric malpractice and infliction of emotional and mental distress

So what?

Since when is it bad to file lawsuits? The ACLU does it all the time, thank God.

Top to bottom

If explosives were pre-set upon construction.... which they were not.....
wouldn't they be set to demolish the structure from the bottom to the top?

They would have also evacuated all surrounding buildings upon the first plane crash rather than sending people back to work.

this theory implies that all structures over 40 stries have been built with pre-set demolition charges.... not buying it.... who are they trying to protect with all the lies?

They would never build structures of this nature if that was the case
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