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A general strike has been proposed for 9/11/07. No work, school or shopping

Endless War. Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis. Torture. Surveillance. Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone. Executive Privilege: No Accountability.

The more diggs the more exposure

The more diggs the more exposure. I've digged it!

This action is going big,

This action is going big, REAL BIG, Start organizing in your town or city, Look to the forums and and for help and Ideas, find a local group or group to help you get started. This action will be going on in every town if we spread the word far and wide...

duty is ours, consequences belong to god


you know, a general strike SOUNDS like a good idea, but in reality it will not be a good idea when you get fired from your job.

i wish i could do it, but in order for a strike to occur there has to be a majority of workers not showing up and i highly doubt that a majority of people will not show up for work in order to protest 9/11.

sorry guys, its just not gonna happen

Then just call in sick. Remember, either you are with Us or

you are with The State... correction, I mean the Terrorists (same thing). VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!

"They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace

Read the flyer --it's not just about 911

"sorry guys, its just not gonna happen"

That's the attitude that will keep the people out of power!

If you have to work, at least don't buy anything, and pass this info along...

The Ship (America)

Is about to experience an act of mutiny. The crew just cannot idly stand by and watch the captain run the ship aground. And we were sailing along so smoothly before this cap came along. He might as well have a patch over one eye, ARRGH!
Someone must be tossed overboard, what say ye? Aye?
A number of rats have already been tossed asunder...

lawless pirates and their media screaming parrots

what do you expect with a Barbary ape at the helm,
bush is probably too busy under jeff gannon to notice,aarrgh!!!
plank walks in shark infested seas for the complicit media- mutanous military-
corporate treasonists and 95 % of pathetic politicians

this is no coincidence in my

this is no coincidence in my opinion, History Channel is running a program right now about NORAD/Cheyenne mountain and they just repeated the "NORAD was only looking outward before 9/11 blah blah" crap. its that show Mail Call with that annoying General. also, a Boeing commercial came on during the same show. i wonder if we'll see any Boeing commercials on sunday night?

History channel hit-piece pushed back a week:
History Channel Back-Peddles On 9/11 Hit Piece
Program description, broadcast date changed after pressure from Infowars readers

In addition to the alteration of the program description, the broadcast date has been put back by one week. It remains to be seen whether this move has been undertaken in order to re-edit the piece to avoid further accusations of bias and conflict of interest, or is merely an attempt to let the attention it has already received die down before airing.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA


Great catch and great flier imagstacke!!

General Strike Page

This will be a clearing house for all General Strike 9/11/07 information, promotional materials, links, etc.

This thing definitely seems to be going viral and we're going to support this decentralized philosophy!

International Truth Movement

Great Idea

A general strike is a great idea. We the people are the ones that give the NWO boys all their power. Without our co-operation they are nothing and the game is over. It's like the twin towers. Once you take out the foundation the towers collapse. If we can pull this off we win. All we need to do is wake-up enough people and it will work. It may not happen this time but I think eventually it will. Lets keep working at it. Stay focused and never give up.

A stock market strike is a good idea also !

Why not simply sell all your stocks on 9/11 ?? In the current situation if the markets tanks several points, that could perhaps force politicians to promise an investigation :-)