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Part 1

Before presenting evidence and theory, it must be said that the fact we are even having this conversation almost 6 years after the biggest official crime in US history is proof that something is wrong, and I dont think it is we da 'troofers' and our wacky conpiracy theories. The administration's eagerness to not investigate this massive crime against Americans and humanity in general as evidenced by the fact that it was well over a year before an investigation commenced is striking. Remember, after the Titanic sank, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, after the murder of JFK (another state-sponsored false-flag op btw) and after the Challenger disaster, we had official investigations within a week and a half. But with the event that "changed everything" we wouldn't have even had an investigation without the passion for Justice (still unfulfilled) of family members.

Once we had an investigation, Bush desired to fund it to the tune of $3 million, about what was probably spent on the stained blue dress itself. Then it was bumped up to almost $9 million and was set to roll with Kissinger to discover the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But then too much sensitive clientele not from Saudi Arabia with Bin Laden surnames and it was onto professional public myth-maker, co-author with Ms. Rice, administration insider Zelikow. Then there was no serious discussion of the 15 some wargames (many of which were mimetic off the days events and probably the largest confluence in US history), the exact institutional nature of the put-options, the motives of the anthrax attackers who targeted leading potential political opposition (Daschle and Leahy) and and journalists (Brokaw), the clear controlled demoltion signature of WTC 7 (about which you can check out Dan Rather's (day of) and Danny Jowenko's (years later) immediate reactions), Cheney's clear lies about timing (from Mineta's excluded testimony and Clarke's book (which also mentions a live-hijack drill wargame (Vigilant Warior/Guardian))). Ok enough with the parentheses.

The clear evidence of intention to cover-up is treason and complicity after the fact in mass murder (yes Patriot Actors, I said it like the proud American I am). This should be enough to start treason trials as it is so we can actually have Cheney testify in public under oath about something as simple as when he was in the bunker and what order he gave the young man who asked "Do the orders still stand?" right before a flying object slammed into the Pentagon through some of the most well-defended airspace in the world. We the 9-11 truth and Justice movement have done incredible investigative work on almost no budget through a series of underground books, internet dialogue, DVD's/google/youtube videos.

Part 2

Ok now some more evidence and where it might point to. It is ridiculous to ask a grassrooots movement to completely piece together what is probably the largest and most complex conspiracy in history. But if you prove Allen Dulles' assertion that "The American people don't read" wrong by taking even a gander at the writings of Griffin, Tarpley, Zwicker, Ruppert, Ahmed, P.D. Scott et al, I'd say you have a pretty good foundation from which to theorize about the what J Edgar Hoover would have called "a conspiracy so monstrous [you] cannot believe it exists." That being said, asking certain provocative, rhetorical questions will point us in the proper theoretical direction. So, let's play "Which Jihadi?"

Which Al-Qaeda Jihadi do you think planned the 15 some congruent war games and/or civilian exercises on 9-11 which confused and paralyzed our defense systems, one of which (the National Reconnaisance Office) had a plane flying into their building and another of which (Vigilant Warrior/Guardian) run by JC's of Staff and NORAD) was a live-fly hijack drill w/ a real airliner and blips inserted on radar screens?

Which member of Al-Qaeda in Europe do you think helped architect the 3 exercises that were running on 7-7-05 in London, one of which (Visor Consultants) almost exactly mimicked what actually transpired that tragic day?--although not about 9-11, this question shows the reapatable MO's

Which Islamo-fascist had the means and/or the motive to attack some of the leading critics/investigators into 9-11 and the Patriot Act, Tom Daschle (told strongly by Cheney to not investigate 9-11 too deeply during a time of war), Patrick Leahy (Judiciary Committee) and Tom Brokaw with anthrax spores likely from a US weapons lab?

Which Muslim zealot do you think had the access necessary to plant the massive amount of explosives in WTC buildings 1,2 and 7 needed in order for the laws of the physical universe as we've known it for our species limited time on this planet to have not been suspended that day? This includes the undeniable evidence that thousands and thousands of tons of concrete in the towers were pulverized into very fine dust clouds of massive volume (which look like the highly energized 'clouds' of pyroclastic flow), steel columns that were thrown with violent force horizontally hundreds of feet, some impaling themselves like spears into buildings more than a football field away, in what was called a fire-induced, gravity-driven "collapse."

But the naked eye, even, or especially of a child, can see that the trade towers didn't "collapse." They were collapsed, blown to smithereens and Kingdom Come, with the floors below the sections supposedly initiating the "collapse" being blown out, so that the almost free-fall speed destruction sequence through well over 50 concrete floors and down and around 47 steel core columns (which should have still been standing if the floors had collapsed) could have been possible. And the molten metal in the pile for weeks afterwards? And the cars, blocks away, flipped over with their engine blocks energized and blown? And the explosion in the basement that 20-year janitor and White House proclaimed hero of that day Willie Rodriguez heard right BEFORE the plane hit?

Do I know exactly which rogue, criminal members of the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, MI6, Mossad, ISI played a role in this? No, though for the operation to have been successful, the moles have to be in many different locations in our government, up and through the White House. Do i know exactly what transpired on the hijacked planes, which exact technology was used to remotely commandeer the plane and where the control center(s) were? No, though Dov Zakhiem might know, and building 7 had some interesting offices in it (DOD, CIA, SS, IRS, SEC (Enron, Worldcom papers gone was a great serendipitous bonus). Do I know exactly who planted the massive explosives in the 3 buildings that were demolished that day, and when and how they did it exactly? No, though you should see who might have had the motive to get rid of John Oneil, and who has been involved with Stratasec and Kroll. Do I know exactly which mix of explosives were used? No, though super thermite appears to be a clear element and there are pieces of evidence that point to even higher explosives, even possibly micro-nukes (just a theory to help explain some evidence, don't jump on me as a disinfo artist). Do I know who deserves these answers? Yes, all of us, especially the families of the people killed that day and in the wars based on lies up and through the massacres happening today in Iraq. Do I think we will ever know all the answers while the honest investigation of the truth has to persist mainly on the internet, rather than in a courtroom with bibles and oaths and exhibits and testimonies broadcast around the world on CSPAN? No, though we've done pretty good for some conspiracy nuts. Do I know who will force the truth out into the open in order to do justice to it and get on to proposing policy items such as "Permaculturalizing the Pentagon"? Yes, We the People.

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