A suggestion for 9/11 Bloggers

I’m sure that many casual viewers of the History channel aren’t (for the most part) privy to the central truths of the alternative 9/11 movement. They also probably aren’t aware of the highly biased agenda of Popular Mechanics. Maybe we should join the History channel forums and inform them (without using profanity and what not)? Let’s see if the moderators there ban us, censor us or actually allow for the free and open discussion of the relevant topics. It would be a good litmus test of their true nature.

We now know that the History channel has collaborated with both NBC and Popular Mechanics for their documentary. We also know that PM has challenged the mainstream media’s (which includes NBC) coverage of Katrina. I want to know who the History channel sides with on this issue, NBC or PM? Would NBC agree with PM that their Katrina news coverage was bogus? I think you can see where I’m going with this? Would the History channel portray the mainstream media’s news coverage of Katrina as myths the same way that PM does? After all, they are the chosen “debunkers” for the program. Just how much faith do they have in their work though? You know that the History channel won’t dare to mention the Chertoff connection to their viewers. Perhaps we can take the initiative of informing them ourselves via the discussion boards? Proactively preempt the propaganda if you know what I mean. Good idea or no, not worth the time and effort?

If anyone is interested...

PS, it appears that some of these discussions have already taken place.

I went ahead and added a

I went ahead and added a post in this thread.


It might be nice if someone were to compile a list of 9/11 truth websites like Blogger, architects and engineers and pilots for 9/11 truth, Journal of 9/11 studies etc. Expose these newbies to as many web resources as possible.

If we can change the mind of or inform just one single person it would be a great success in my mind. The domino effect happens one domino at a time.