Coldcut - Revolution

Not exactly new...

But totally awesome.

Awesome video chucksheen!

And that must be some amazing video software to do that with the video/audio. Great job!

That is a kick ass video! I

That is a kick ass video! I fool around with Screen Blast Movie Studio a little bit, and have several YouTube videos -

News media is controlled -

The Enigma of Building Seven -

Songs on the Death of America -

Mine aren't bad, but I think the one you posted is better. It has more kick than any of mine. Makes me want to do another one...

even better..

new to me

and f*cking brilliant

Spelling correction

It might seem nit-picky in view of all the great work that went into this, but if a word is going to appear prominently on the screen, best to have it spelled right--it's 'ideological,' with an 'o' in the middle, not 'idealogical'.

Loved it except

The black guy near beginning, (Lies etc.) was Rep Elijah Cummings. He knows how to talk a good game but is a worthless spineless coward. He is my Rep, (Maryland) and I have been working to get him to sign on to HR333 to impeach Cheney. No response. He is part of the problem. I personally promise he will not serve another term, but I'm not giving up. Picketing his office, street demonstrations.

Yes, I do believe 9/11 truth is key. But 16 brave Reps. have signed333! A few more and we can get the investigations started. That means no pardons, no ignoring subpeanas. They didnt have the votes to impeach Nixon before investigations started. We CAN walk and chew gum at the same time.

that's got me

laughing and crying at the same time.... whew