Perry author writes 9-11 novel


Perry author writes 9-11 novel


By Charlotte Perkins

Journal Staff Writer

When he was just out of Westfield High School, Nick Shelton published a book of devotionals.

Last year, as a student at Mercer University, he created an online Christian community on the website called The Body of Christ.Org.

Now he has published a novel, The American Truth, that combines history, conspiracy and suspense, in a thriller about the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Shelton is the son of Lisa Shelton and the late Jeff Shelton, and the grandson of Frank Shelton, all of Perry.

He has focused his studies at Mercer on literature, religions economics and politics.

In the coming school term, he will be completing his undergraduate degree at Oxford University in England.

At Oxford, he will be studying the literature, with an emphasis on the works of his favorite author C.S. Lewis.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Shelton plans to study for his masters in globalization from Oxford.

The American Truth is a book that presents “the 9/11 Truth issues” through a fictional story and a series of nonfiction articles.

“The work is part fiction and part nonfiction,” Shelton says, “A series of nonfiction articles opens the work, providing an overview of the controversies, coincidences and conspiracy theories of the Sept. 11 attacks.”

In Shelton’s story, the fictional character Nathan Alexander, a media liaison at the Pentagon, survives the Sept. 11 attack but loses his wife in the event. Years after the tragedy, Nathan’s suspicion leads him to discover that his wife had inside information of a major conspiracy within the U.S. government.

While investigating the conspiracy, the main character in the novel comes across a computer hacker who is also interested in uncovering the truth about 9/11. Together, they use their computer skills and Pentagon access to discover information the U.S. government wants to keep a secret.

“Eventually,” Shelton explains “Nathan’s cover is blown, and the two must run for their lives. Though all hope seems to be lost, their determination for the truth will not let these men give up their desire to uncover one of the greatest secrets in history.”

The entire nonfiction section entitled “The Facts” is available free online at The first 100 pages of the fictional story are also featured on book’s website, and the book can be purchased through the site. It will also be available at